The T Tweets The Truth: No Manufacturing Of Rail Cars Happening In Springfield

BOSTON- A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

On Friday evening at 5:30pm, the MBTA tweeted a picture showing the delivery of the first new red line rail cars being delivered more than 200 miles away at a port in New Jersey.

The T, and the Boston Globe editorial page, would have citizens of the Commonwealth believe that these cars are actually made in Springfield, Massachusetts at the China Railway Rolling Stock (CRRC) “factory.”

But this photo, which the T was foolish enough to tweet, unmasks the truth of where the manufacturing is actually happening despite all of their arguments and chest pounding to the contrary.

The MBTA has become so brazen, or incompetent, that they are actually tweeting out these pictures themselves. It’s clear that this is a completed red line car that was fully assembled, shrink-wrapped, and shipped from China. It is an ENTIRE rail car …. not a part of a rail car …. not a half of a rail car …. not a component of a rail car. A rail car that obviously was NOT MADE in Springfield at a “factory.” And I am certain all the spyware and doors that fly open at 60 mph were included at no extra charge.

“The MBTA has robust controls in place to maintain the security of the system,” said T spokesman Joe Pesaturo in a story by Commonwealth Magazine on this very issue last December. How can the T have robust controls in place when the cars are made completely in an actual factory wholly owned by the communist government of China in China? Obviously, they cannot.

These rail cars are made in China, put on massive freighters to be moved half-way around the world, until they eventually arrive in Boston via New Jersey. What happened to all the excitement around these great jobs that our good buddies in the Chinese government were going to give us? Nearly a billion taxpayer dollars for 100 or so jobs (jobs that the T still refuses to disclose how many were actually given to Massachusetts citizens) so they could assemble these Chinese pieces and parts in Springfield. And now not even that is happening with these new rail cars?

I guess I should thank the T for finally being honest (albeit unintentionally) and proving what some of us have been saying all along - that this is a sham and only the Communist government of China is benefiting: A government that at this very moment is violently suppressing the voices of its own citizens.

It is time for Massachusetts to end this shameful relationship with a foreign government that legitimizes unfair trade practices, substandard labor conditions, and horrid environmental stewardship in one fell swoop. My legislation to end this policy by the Commonwealth is being considered after having been thoughtfully heard this summer. Fortunately, the US Congress has come together in bipartisan fashion (shocking, I know) and is about to take a stand to end this foolhardy partnership once and for all.

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