Seventeen Local Students Complete Internships with State Representative Dooley

BOSTON—This summer State Representative Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk) was pleased to have seventeen area students complete internships in his office:

  • Connor Adams (Medfield)—Medfield High School, 2020

  • Sam Brady (Norfolk)—King Philip Regional High School, 2021

  • Emily Carey (Norfolk)—Wellesley College, 2019

  • Andreas Cella (Wrentham)—Boston University, 2020

  • Anna Darrow (Burlington, VT)—Trinity College, 2019

  • Caitlin Gonser (Wrentham)—Sacred Heart University, 2022

  • Signe Granese (Norfolk)—King Philip Regional High School, 2021

  • Matthew Hiller (Westwood)—Westwood High School, 2021

  • Cole Howard (Walpole)—College of the Holy Cross, 2022

  • AJ Jaber (Wrentham)—King Philip Regional High School, 2020

  • Ryan Locke (Millis)—Gordon College, 2022

  • Matthew Meehan (Norfolk)—King Philip Regional High School, 2020

  • Emily Rosecrans (Medfield)—Medfield High School, 2020

  • Kevin Sanderson (Norfolk)—Hamilton College, 2021

  • Shane Sullivan (Wrentham)—Providence College, 2021

  • Brian Wassersug (Plainville)—King Philip Regional High School, 2020

  • Samantha Wheeler (Medfield)—College of Charleston, 2023

Shawn’s interns get the opportunity to learn about politics in a hands-on fashion. From canvassing neighborhoods in the district to policy and constituent work in the State House, they are directly exposed to all sides of state and local politics.

“This was my largest group of interns ever” said Dooley. “This group of students showed me an impressive amount of intelligence, diligence, and most importantly drive to make a difference in their communities which brought our internship program to a new level and set the bar high for legislative interns throughout the State House. Their service in my office undoubtedly helped me be a better Representative and was of great benefit to all residents of my district. I am so proud to have worked with each of them, and I am confident they will continue to be a success in whatever role they take on in the future- both in their personal and professional lives. I thank them all for their service to me and all the citizens of the 9th Norfolk District.”

Any high school and college students interested in applying for an internship in Representative Dooley’s office are encouraged to reach out to his Chief of Staff, William Rigdon, at

Left to Right: AJ Jaber, Andreas Cella, Brian Wassersug, Matthew Meehan, Cole Howard, Representative Dooley, Sam Brady, Chief of Staff Will Rigdon, Connor Adams, Kevin Sanderson, and Signe Granese

Not Pictured: Anna Darrow, Caitlin Gonser, Matthew Hiller, Ryan Locke, Shane Sullivan, Emily Carey, Emily Rosecrans, and Samantha Wheeler

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