Representative Shawn Dooley Announces Prison Mitigation Funds for Norfolk

NORFOLK—State Representative Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk) is pleased to announce that $261,729 allocated for the Town of Norfolk in the state’s FY18 budget for prison mitigation has been released from the Department of Corrections (DOC). As compensation for hosting MCI-Norfolk, the state legislature allocated these funds for the Town of Norfolk to offset the costs of housing the facility; however, until now the funds had been held by DOC to ensure that the state’s revenue projections were met. With the funds now released, the Town of Norfolk is free to use these funds as they deem necessary within their FY18 budget.

In a letter written to Governor Baker in early January, Representative Dooley urged the release of the funds offering that hosting the prison “brings a number of added expenses to the Town including extra emergency services responses, loss of tax revenue on the land, and dealing with the ever-present risks associated with cohabitating with a prison.” Dooley also noted that “the Town relies on these mitigations each year in order to balance its budget and continue to provide adequate services to residents.”

Dooley has expressed his excitement with the ultimate release of the mitigation funds “Since my first day as a State Representative, I have been a strong advocate for these mitigations. Our community gives so much in support of the Commonwealth, and it is great that we in the legislature are actively able to show our appreciation to Norfolk for hosting these facilities.”

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