Representative Dooley Meets with Parliament

State Representative Shawn Dooley (R-Norfolk) recently enjoyed an informative and exciting trip to the United Kingdom with his daughter Emma. While in Britain, Rep. Dooley met with Alec Shelbrooke, MP, a member of Parliament from the UK’s Conservative Party, and the Chair of International Affairs.

The two respected legislators met for several hours and discussed issues affecting both countries, watched floor debate, and toured the inner-workings of the British government. The Brexit decision (the referendum passed by the citizens of Britain to leave the European Union), the Red Sox, and campaign strategy were frequent topics between the two men. The meeting between Rep. Dooley and Mr. Shelbrooke, MP only strengthened the bond between the United States and the United Kingdom.

“Thank you so much to Mr. Shelbrooke for meeting with me and my daughter in our recent trip to England”, Dooley said afterwards. “It was wonderful to see Parliament, how their government works, and the ways our great countries can work together to solve the problems facing our world. His commitment and dedication to his constituents, Parliament, and the UK is evident. It was incredible to witness, first-hand, how two countries with such a long and storied history can get along so well. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mr. Shelbrooke, and I look forward to continuing an already strong friendship with him and the UK.”

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