Quote Regarding MBTA Orange Line

Quote regarding mbta orange line train “celebration” this morning.

“For the mbta to roll out and highlight their partnership with the Government of China while the free world watches in horror as Chinese troops are massing at the border of Hong Kong -shows how truly tone deaf the MBTA is.

Celebrating the debut of new Orange Line trains that have arrived late, amidst bipartisan security concerns in Washington DC, all in an attempt to deflect attention from all the T’s other failings speaks volumes.

The Commonwealth shouldn’t be doing any business with China, let alone work that invests in our state’s critical infrastructure. Yet here they are- ignoring human rights violations of an anti-democratic regime solely so we can say we got a “deal” on these cars?

Massachusetts is better than that and the T should understand this instead of highlighting this partnership with their Maoist propaganda poster that they released announcing this on-boarding earlier today.

China is not a friend to the Commonwealth, our country, or anyone who believes in freedom- we shouldn’t be embracing them as our partner- now more than ever. “

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