Norfolk granted $1.1M for H. Olive Day school repairs

Building repairs are in the offing at the H. Olive Day Elementary School after the state awarded a hefty grant to the town for the purpose -- specifically for roof replacement and associated repairs and improvements.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) recently approved a $1,066,359 grant. The funds join another $125,000 that state Rep. Shawn Dooley, R-Norfolk, was able to secure toward the repair project in the state’s FY17 budget.

“This project has taken many hours of hard work from so many wonderful people at the town level, and I am beyond to excited to have helped bring this across the finish line at the state level,” said Dooley, who previously served on the school board.

Superintendent Dr. Ingrid Allardi indicated in a statement that “this is an expected repair project,” noting that the district has been working with the state for the past two years to gain funding under the MSBA’s accelerated repair program. The funding represents nearly half the entire cost of the project, Allardi said, with the remainder funded by last year’s earmark and the town.

The town first submitted a statement of interest with the MSBA in January of 2017. This month’s approval was the final step.

Lest there be any concerns about the safety of the current roof, Allardi said it is structurally sound and safe, “but the district has experienced repeated issues with leaking and water damage.”

The H. Olive Day School’s roof, which is original, was installed with a 20-year roofing shingle. It is now five years beyond that 20-year lifespan. The school, which enrolls children in pre-K through second grade, turned 25 in January.

Allardi said the new roof will be installed according to new building codes and will be more energy efficient.

“The installation of additional insulated panels will add weight to the existing roof deck, so some structural reinforcement will be included in the scope of the project,” she indicated.

Thanks to the funding Rep. Dooley secured in the FY17 state budget, Allardi said, “we have already purchased new glass and skylights to replace and repair the existing glass work that is part of the roof project.”

“We are excited to see the improved energy efficiency and cost savings this new project will generate for the town,” she said.

“The New England environment can be tough on our buildings,” noted Dooley. “Ensuring that our students remain the best in the state is a top priority of mine, and making sure our school buildings offer the most conducive learning atmosphere possible is a big part of that.”

The roof replacement project is scheduled to begin immediately after school closes in June and is expected tobe completed by mid-September.

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