Meet the candidates: Shawn Dooley, candidate for state representative

It has been my greatest honor to serve as your state representative these past five years. I have loved getting to know you all, helping with issues ranging from power outages to health care. We have laughed and cried together, celebrated our accomplishments and fought through some tough losses. I truly love being a public servant and I would be honored if you would consider voting for me again this year. Instead of droning on about myself like a typical politician, I thought it would be more meaningful to let a few of the people I have worked with over the past few years say a couple things:

“I am happy to endorse Rep. Shawn Dooley in his 2018 re-election bid. Rep. Dooley understands what Constituent Services are all about. Thank you Shawn. As usual, well done!!” — Kathleen A. Parker Retired Treasurer-Collector Plainville

“During the major snow storm this winter we had a huge tree come crashing through our roof, knocking out power, and nearly hitting our child. I’m not sure how he found out about it, but Shawn not only helped get our power turned back on, he came over, climbed up on the roof, removed the tree, and helped install a tarp over the hole to prevent further damage. He is a great guy and truly cares about the people he represents.” — Georgette Akrouche, Norfolk

“Shawn has continually gone out of his way to support my students both in and outside of the classroom and has brought to KP the resources we need to give our students a competitive education.” — Adam Gentili, teacher, KP Regional High School President, KP Teachers Association

“Without hesitation, I can state that Shawn Dooley has been the hardest working and most effective public servant in our area. During this last winter’s storms Shawn was relentless, getting utility companies to respond, calling in outages, and having trucks re-directed; while simultaneously providing round-the-clock service updates to his constituents. It was impressive! Shawn not only has my vote in November but he has my thanks and appreciation for his effectiveness as our state representative.” — Ed Goddard Wrentham Town Moderator

“It’s unusual when your state representative can have an impact over multiple aspects of your life. For me, Shawn Dooley has been that state rep. In my personal, business, and volunteer lives, he has come to the fore and has made a difference. That’s what makes him a great state rep. I have seen what he does from all angles and he does the work, is committed to our area and most importantly, he gets it done.” — Rob Rose Former Plainville Selectman

“Shawn has worked tirelessly to be a voice for his district. I can’t thank Shawn enough for all the work he has done for securing funding for different projects in town and making himself available to listen to constituents’ concerns. Shawn is always a phone call away!” — James Anderson, Retired Chief of Police Wrentham Board of Selectmen

“I have had the honor of knowing Shawn in many capacities and had the opportunity to work with and watch Shawn be an advocate for excellence in the schools and community while being fiscally responsible. He is passionate about his approach to everything and his ability to collaborate without wavering on the excellence standard continues to grow my admiration for his approach to governing.” — Bonnie O’Connell Retired Norfolk teacher Wrentham resident

“Shawn has always been an amazing partner of mine in serving the community. He is always there, giving 100 percent and is tenacious in his approach to solving problems.” — John Carmichael Chief of Police, Walpole

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