Could The T's New Rail Cars Spy On Us?

It may sound like the plot of a Mission Impossible movie: subway cars, made by the Chinese government, spying on us.

But experts say it's not only possible — it could be happening right now.

In Massachusetts, the MBTA has awarded more than $840 million in contracts to the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, a state-owned enterprise, to build about 400 new subway cars for the T.

State Rep. Shawn Dooley, a Norfolk Republican, is warning they could be a "Trojan Horse."

Writing in Commonwealth Magazine, Dooley says, "It's clear the MBTA didn't consider what it means for the safety of riders and their personal information when it agreed to become a client of the Chinese Government."

We spoke to Rep. Dooley, as well as a former cybersecurity official from the Obama and Trump administrations, about what those risks might be.

Hear the interview here.

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