Representative Dooley October 29th COVID-19 Update

Quick post tonight. Crazy day and the rain is screwing up my finishing the halloween decorations when I got home tonight. Boooo. and for the record - that's a bad boooo not a scary booooooo. Ok - I'm getting a little punch drunk from lack of sleep - 5 more days!!!!

Another day with over 1000 positives - 1,243 out of 18,333 tests. Sadly, we had 27 new covid related deaths - as an aside, deaths without pre-existing conditions are only at 1.8% and the other important metrics remained level.

I wanted to share that Governor Baker signed the bill that we just passed for additional unemployment benefits to folks who did not qualify for enhanced federal unemployment benefits over the summer. This will provide those who qualify with up to $1,800 in retroactive unemployment benefits.

This new law recalculates the state’s minimum weekly unemployment benefit at $100 for the period covering the week ending August 1 through the week ending September 5. Making this change will allow the state to extend the federal lost wages benefits retroactively to those who previously failed to qualify.

I know that will help quite a few people in the district so I was happy that we were able to get this through.

Well, off to bed. Not even 11:30 - wooo hoo. At this stage of the game it really is the little things that matter.

Be well and stay safe.


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