Representative Dooley October 16th COVID-19 Update

In-Person Early Voting starts tomorrow (Saturday, Oct 17th). I just posted a video for each town on my Shawn Dooley State Representative page. Every town has different hours - so click on your town as you don’t want to go down to Town Hall only to find out that they are closed. This year there are Saturday and Sunday hours and many towns have some evening hours as well. Each video is only about a minute and a half long - hope it is helpful. Didn’t want to post 6 different videos on both sites and clog up everyone’s feeds.

Unfortunately, 30 new people passed away today bringing the Massachusetts covid related death total to 9,482. We seem to be in a little bit of a bump (I’m not calling it a spike because I can’t tell how many are asymptomatic or age range. Obviously the numbers have gone up a bit but without all the supporting documentation and also the still suspect death classification aspect - I’m holding it at a bump.) Hospitalizations were climbing but have seemed to have flattened. Still way below where we were and if you look at a longer range graph they still remain flat. The metric that I take the most stock in is ICU and ventilators - both of which have remained very flat with maybe even a downward tick or two.

I wasn’t going to cover this next topic as I didn’t want to confuse the situation or add to any conspiracy theories - but I’ve had quite a few calls and emails, so I figured I better address it.

If you get a ballot by mail - you probably wouldn’t notice it - but on the outside of the envelope on the address label is a small letter “M”. What this is for is to make sure the Town Clerk puts the correct label on the correct envelope. “M” stands for MAILING. Many people have a different mailing address than their registered address - PO Box, nursing rehab stay, college - lots of reasons. So, obviously that is not the problem and no one pays attention to it.

The issue arrises when people notice that next to their name is a seemingly random letter “R” on the table on the envelope that is used to mail the ballot back to the Town Clerk. Now, I don’t necessarily always trust the government either - but I promise, this is not a conspiracy so the post office or the clerk knows that this envelope belongs to a Republican and throws it straight into the trash. The “R” stands for Registered address, as in the address where you are registered to vote. This is on the envelope so that the clerk and file your envelope in the right precinct by street, so when they check in all the envelopes before the ballots are opened and fed through the machine - they can process them all in order. Everyone, regardless of party, will have a “M” on their envelope from the clerk, and a “R” on the envelope going back to the clerk. If these letters weren’t there it would be relatively easy for the labels to get accidentally swapped - then your ballot might not make it to the location you requested.

I realize it is a bit confusing, but I hope that makes sense.

Also, I did my second podcast today on Question 2 - Ranked Choice Voting. We brought in an expert on the subject and I think we did a really good job of discussing exactly how it works and all the pro’s and the cons. (Spoiler alert: way more cons so I will be voting No on 2). I should have that finished editing tomorrow so as soon as I can I will post it here, on my podcast page, on my podcast website, and on my new YouTube channel. I’m biased- but I think we did a nice job on it and if you are interested in how it all works and want more information before you vote - it is worth taking the time to watch it.

Well, driving to Tyngsboro in the morning for a hockey game - not really sure where that is - I think it is near Canada. Packing my passport just in case. I hope everyone has a good weekend and Im hoping the rain ends so I can put up my Halloween decorations. Thanks for reading and keep working hard and helping out one another.

Be safe and be happy!


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