Representative Dooley October 4th COVID-19 Update

Sorry I haven’t been able to write much lately - if I wasn’t busy enough- now I have to spend what little free time I had flying back and forth to Washington D.C. to be the President’s COVID-19 doctor. Man, I don’t even remember going to medical school. Seriously though, it was funny, I was driving around yesterday putting up lawn signs, listening to the radio, and a news report came on discussing the President having covid - suddenly my ears perked up when they mentioned his doctor’s name was Shawn (Sean) Dooley. The first thing I thought of was: oh crap… I’m going to get complaints about this one. LOL. So I guess my name isn’t quite as original as I thought. But still pretty funny. Seriously - been crazy with work and throw in the campaigning, putting out signs, etc all while finishing my podcast studio - oh and trying to be a good father and husband - just not enough hours in the day.

In covid news - 3 people passed away today and 626 tested positive. Our hospitalizations have stabilized over the past few days and everything else remains pretty consistent and flat.

Step 2 of Phase 3 starts tomorrow for some of us. Wrentham and Plainville need to have 3 weeks without being red before it goes into effect. Again - this is why the “all or nothing” color coding is a poor form of modeling and not fair to towns that get branded with this. 1 little spike in a nursing home - completely contained - and local businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with the nursing home are punished purely because they are on the wrong side of a particular town line. I’ve requested DPH and DOL to review this particular situation and see if there is a way our small businesses can get some sort of waiver so they can open and compete against the guy down the road. Frustrating - as this shouldn’t be that hard.

I did my first podcast filming this weekend and now I’m learning how to use i-movie to edit it. (Any experts out there - I would love some pointers!) My first version is more of a commercial to explain mail in voting and hopefully answer some questions many people have. It was fun and I’m working on getting my first guest. If not it will just be me riffing. The theme is going to be more Massachusetts focused political commentary so I’m hoping to get in some of the folks that are running this fall - or at least chat about some of the issues that are being discussed.

OK guys - I know you always step up help others in our community when you can. Earlier today I got a call from the Wrentham Food Pantry hoping I could reach out to a few people for some help. They have a lot of needs but right now but are having a hard time getting enough toilet paper due to quantity limits when they try and buy some. Obviously they always need food - but most people don’t think about food pantries having a need for toiletries. So, if you can spare a roll or two (and any other dry goods and cans while you are stopping by) please drop it off at the Wrentham pantry in the Whiston House behind the Original Congregational Church in the center of town.

I’m going to play around with editing my video a little more and then off to bed. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Stay safe!

Shawn Dooley

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