Representative Dooley September 24th COVID-19 Update

What a great day - I hope everyone enjoyed it - I only had to separate my boys 3 times during the day for going into each other’s areas and screwing with their brother during school. Oops, spoke too soon, CiCi says she also had to separate them 5 times. Last time I had a margarita (from chilis I might add so not very strong) some people complained that I was abusing alcohol and I shouldn’t write when I am drunk - because writing a 2000 word missive that is grammatically correct and somewhat coherent is how I roll when I’m inebriated - anyway, where was I - I was going to make a joke about day drinking (I didn’t) on the weeks the boys are remote but no sense trying to be funny and give the haters something to complain about. I’m a little scattered this evening - so I must be tired for my ADD to kick in this aggressively.

Anyway, what I was starting to say before I so rudely interrupted myself, was that I was interviewing a new digital marketing guy and the number of overlaps and connections we had was really surprising. He is a former Marine officer and went to college / is a close friend with our old nanny / Will’s Godmother, went to BC High, coached one of my good friends and colleagues, mentored by one of my dear friends, and that was just a few that I remember off the top of my head. I guess my point is that we should all realize how small our world truly is and how many personal interactions and connections are intertwined with other parts of our lives. So it pays dividends to never burn a bridge and remember that life is a “contacts” sport. It was between his firm and another group but because of all of these mutual relationships I ended up hiring him and his team on the spot.

455 new positive cases and 15 deaths were announced today. Which is a little bit above average but remains in the flat range and keeps our average death rate at 13. Still doing a good job of flattening the curve. And again, I have to think that much of the deaths are open to a bit of interpretation based on stories I continue to hear from families and medical professionals alike.

I forgot to mention last night that Wrentham remains red but that is primarily due to the cluster in the nursing home - and Plainville was moved from red to yellow because they dropped from 11 to 9 cases. Shows how skewed it is for our small towns with this per 100k reporting metric.

And this next part may cause some parents to want to throw their computer - but deep breaths… it’s good news in the long run. Governor Baker praised Quincy public schools today stating, “I want to thank Quincy especially for basically never dropping the ball and finding a way to continue to offer that service throughout the course of the summer.” Quincy Public Schools started offering in-person learning this summer to students with disabilities and special needs, as well as offered summer remote learning to hundreds of students.

And then the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Commissioner - Jeff Riley chimed in, “We know what is best for our students is to get back into the routine of learning. The rates of transmission in Massachusetts are low. According to the medical community, that means we can and should bring students back for in-person instruction safely.” There is so much commentary I want to post here on the lack of guidance from this commissioner and how this flies in the face of half the crap they have said over the past few months. But I won’t because I just want us to move forward and no sense dwelling in the past. But really dude?

Well, time to go to bed. And just to give you a glimpse into the glamorous life of your local public servant - one of our dogs evidently found a pile of dirt to roll around in today and then covertly sneak onto our bed - so as I just walked into the room I see CiCi vacuuming the comforter and when I ask what she is doing she simply says - “Don’t just stand there, hold it tight so it doesn’t get caught in the beater brush.” Yes, it is champagne wishes and caviar dreams over here. Honestly, I feel sorry for her, during the home stretch of a campaign I am beyond straight out and she picks up all the slack - and with the kids “learning” from home and the divorce business being through the roof, I’m starting to worry about her doing too much. I just need to win the lottery and hire Alice from the Brady Bunch to do whatever it is that Alice did.

Oh well, off to bed. Sorry if the post was a bit random tonight - but it is 2020 after all.

Stay safe and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!


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