Representative Dooley September 23rd COVID-19 Update

Have you seen the lego movie? You know that song “everything is awesome!” Well, that is my life but unfortunately that is the song that has been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours. Not sure how - but there it is - and I am sorry if it is now on a continuous loop in your brain. But- it is amazing what a difference a day makes - kids settling in with school, wife busy but happy, good friends sending their love, and steaks grilled to perfection on the back yard BBQ. Boo-yah!

Unfortunately there were 17 new covid related deaths reported today and 542 new positive cases. Everything else remained pretty flat as it has for quite some time.

On the good news front - the Governor announced that he was relaxing some restrictions so starting next week you can sit at a bar provided that it is social distanced and you order food -although, I think I’ve been already doing this. Maybe the difference is now you can actually sit at the bar without the high top pulled up to it and face forward toward the bartender? Also you can now have a party of 10 sit together, so the large family that lives under one roof can now go out to dinner and sit at one table like they do at home. Again, I didn’t even know this was an issue. I must admit, these rules seemed a bit non sensical but I hope this helps our restaurant owners a little bit.

Another positive bit of news - Massachusetts is now on the “safe” list for traveling to Maine! So no need to get a test or quarantine if you want to hike Acadia or visit LL Bean! I still think some of these restrictions are more political in nature than they should be, but I suppose that is what happens when politicians get to make the rules on their own.

Well, sorry for the short post. I do want to say that it was incredibly nice to have a few people stop by today to surprise me with a visit. The fact that they did it just to tell me how much they appreciate me and with a “don’t let the turkeys get you down” message was beyond humbling. I know it sounds corny - but the best thing about this job is that I’ve gotten to know some incredible people whose paths I would have never crossed otherwise. Thank you!

Stay safe and keep smiling!


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