Representative Dooley September 21st COVID-19 Update

One thing I have learned in my life is to not type my soliloquies or emails, or even texts when I am in a foul mood. Angry, mad, frustrated, etc - sure; but when even I realize that I am in a bad place, I'm going to take the night off.

Nothing worth going into, besides battling the rest of the family who thinks we need to turn the heat on even though it is only September - I'm just very disappointed by a few people (not my chilly family). You know, the ones that "are forever in your debt" until it is election season and their friends have decided that somehow I'm a bad guy so they have forgotten all about those times you were there for them. Couple that with some other random pettiness solely because I dare to have an R after my name - but remember boys and girls, we don't judge or hate others purely because they belong to a specific group.

See, I'm about to ramp up, so instead, I will bid you adieu. No earth shattering news today in covidland although unfortunately we had an additional 7 deaths that were at least partially the result of the disease - besides that every thing remains pretty flat.

Sweet dreams, I'm fine, honestly - but I do not want to have a pity party and rant about how hypocritical a few folks are - even though I really could go off. The truth of the matter is that doesn't help anyone and it only feeds their ego that they are getting to me. Although every day at least one person says - 'I can't believe with the crap you put up with in this job.' So congratulations to the petty and mean folks - you are doing a hell of a good job of scaring good people away from public service.

I'm stopping now, taking a couple Tylenol PM, and tomorrow I will be right as rain.

Be kind to one another- especially those who might think different than you.


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