Representative Dooley September 18th COVID-19 Update

So those of you who think I’m overly dramatic on pushing back on some stupid color coded map - here you go. KP Has delayed the start of sports for a week - I hope only a week. I somewhat alluded to this last night but didn’t want to cause a panic. The last two days I have been on the phone and emailing non stop with DESE and the administration regarding what the red designation would mean. (FYI- I know she doesn’t get recognized for her hard work enough - but KP Principal Lisa Mobley was the first to reach out, going through the issues, coming up with alternatives, and being super attentive and focused on helping to make sure things were able to keep going. Heck, I believe the last email I received from her was at 9:00 tonight). Anyway, while I realize that many are upset - trust me when I tell you that it could have been much worse. I won’t go through all the gymnastics that were performed as I never know who is trolling this page - but I promise - that this is a pretty damn good outcome as opposed to where it was heading and I hope it stays on track.

That being said, this is why I don’t like big, unchecked government with one person making broad sweeping rules for all without discussion and debate. This one size fits all approach of using raw data to determine who gets assigned an arbitrary color on a map and mandatory outcomes as a result is nonsensical and poor governance. To assume there are not exceptions to the rule and to not allow for a common sense, objective analysis on a case by case basis is not what we should expect.

Let’s face it, our kids could be completely isolated and not receive the very best education for the next three months solely because a wing of a nursing home that is completely locked down - has a high case of covid even thought rest of the town has zero. On what planet does this make sense? This is why I push back and say these things are a slippery slope. It isn’t for any political gain - it is simply because these unintended consequences are real and unfortunately significant. For those who thought I was over reacting for pushing back, I hope seeing how it can go wrong now helps them understand what I was trying to prevent.

Unfortunately we still had 8 folks pass away and 431 new cases. Ugh, so frustrating. I know, I would have been thrilled with these numbers a couple of months ago - I just keep hoping for a few zeroes. Yes, I know that these death reports are unfortunately open for interpretation -but still looking forward to not having to write about our seniors dying. It makes me sad, angry, frustrated - and a whole host of other emotions. But, not much else to report.

I have a call with DESE (dept of elementary and secondary education) scheduled for Monday morning - to continue this dialogue. I’ve already got confirmation (in writing) that they won’t look at one or two weeks data in isolation in finalizing their determination on how to proceed. But I still worry about the randomness of it all and scaling every community to 100,000. We get 2 families each with 4 people testing positive although asymptomatic and it scales to 80 and the next thing we know we stay red -even though there isn’t any actual spread.

Sigh, this is so tiring. I just want this to be over. I so desperately want to be back to normal where so many people aren’t isolated and afraid. It seems like this has been forever. And I’m frustrated that we are not working to make things work better and we have seemed to put aside moving the economy forward - why are we still waiting on phase 3 part b. These were all supposed to be 3 weeks and then on to the next one unless we had a major setback. We all agreed. Now things are getting kicked out indefinitely with no end in sight without a reason why and no benchmark to hit in order to get back on track. We can do better, we must do better than this.

Thank you for hanging in there and reading along. Not my best post but I’m tired and a bit frustrated. It has been an interesting week. Thank you all for being my friends.

Happy weekend!


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