Representative Dooley September 13th COVID-19 Update

It was a good weekend - the Pats won (that's how I know it was a weekend) and I started putting up my signs. Slower going than I had hoped but it is what it is. Come to find out- it appears that my signs were a real collectors item last time around so I only ended up getting back about half - so more on order. Funny story - about 2 months after the 2018 election I got an email from a kid at a college in the midwest and he had one of my signs in his dorm room. His last name was Dooley - and a buddy liberated one of my signs while he was visiting Massachusetts and brought it back for him. Totally something I would have done - so I considered it quite an honor and I mailed him out some other Dooley swag. Anyway- If you would like one of your very own- no need to go through this sort of effort - just let me know and I'll put you on the list and when they come in I will get one over to you ASAP. And if you have one that you have been saving for a special occasion - please put it out. Thank you!

14 people passed away who had covid and 267 positive tests out of a little over 12,000 total tests. We went over the 3,000,000 mark for tests - of which nearly 2 million are unique individuals. Which means roughly 28% of all residents have had at least 1%. I am actually surprised that it isn't higher - second I get a headache or sneeze my first thought is - uh oh, maybe I should get tested. Maybe I'm hyper sensitive - and I've only had one test - but I guess I always assume folks think like me.

Well, tomorrow is the official first day of school for my kiddos. So I better hit the hay so I can be up at the crack of dawn making them a big breakfast - Jack has requested eggs Benedict - which will be fun doing at 5:30am. I have a hard time poaching an egg at 8:00 with two cups of coffee already on board. But they are only young once and I miss making breakfast for my oldest - so no complaining.

Be safe and be happy!


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