Representative Dooley September 8th COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend - I can’t imagine more perfect weather. Although I mainly worked in the yard as opposed to going somewhere fun - but need to happen. Ok - short post today as I’ve been battling a killer headache since 3 this afternoon. I think it is the joy of election season, combined with back to school, and life in 2020. Getting less sleep than normal as I wake up in the middle of the night with a campaign idea or a light bulb going off on a piece of legislation I’ve been struggling with - and I have to get up and get on my computer or I’ll just toss and turn stressing about it till I do. Yes ladies, CiCi is a lucky girl - gets to be woken up at least 3 nights a week to my tappity, tappity on the keyboard.

8 deaths reported today and there were also 168 new cases. And over the weekend we had another 8 and 10 deaths respectively. This brings the 3 day rolling average down to 8 - and the lowest we have ever recorded prior to now was 11 or 12.

Not a lot of covid news today - I suppose the most significant is another lab with a ton of false positives. Boston-based Orig3n has been ordered to stop its COVID-19 testing after reporting hundreds (383) of false positives. It is reported that the lab's customers included approximately 60 nursing and rest homes. Ugh… I keep hearing stories similar to this - where entire swaths of people get tested at work and all are positive, none have symptoms, and when they go and get a private test they are negative.

I can’t stress how significant this is and I am glad that the state is on top of it. If our testing is inaccurate, then everything else we are doing falls apart. It needs to be pretty damn close to perfect - and I worry that there may be a company or two out there cutting corners in order to make a quick buck and I hope the attorney general and DPH go above and beyond to investigate them and if it is deliberate or willful neglect that they get prosecuted. I can’t imagine the stress and panic these false positives have caused people, forcing them (and probably their family) to stay home and isolate, not earn a living, not visit loved ones who might be relying on them. Couple that with someone in a fragile mental state or a medically compromised &/or elderly person who is already panicked by all of this - this false positive could wreck havoc. This honestly makes my blood boil. I guess I should just assume the best and that it is an honest mistake - but I’ve heard so many stories that I’m less generous than normal.

Well, back at it tomorrow. Hoping some advil will do the trick since tylenol has failed me. Wish me luck!

Stay safe!


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