Representative Dooley September 5th COVID-19 Update

AUTHENTIC WINS! I hope this is a good premonition for November. For those who followed my advice and picked Authentic to win the Derby (ok, I picked two horses - but they were both 9-1) you are welcome- I hope you bet big! It was nice to see some things coming back although it just didn’t feel like the Derby without all the pomp and circumstance, the beautiful people with their fancy hats and mint juleps contrasted with the drunken, hard partying infield where 98% of the folks don’t even get a glimpse of a horse. I’ve never been but is on my bucket list. Fun story - one of CiCi’s friends from college invited her one year because her dad was into horses. CiCi decided it would be more fun going to a keg party at school so she skipped it. Of course when they said they liked horses - she meant her dad owned horses and of course their horse won so CiCi traded sipping champagne in the winners circle for doing a keg stand. Yep, that’s the woman I love.

15 new deaths were reported today and 415 new positive cases. Hospitalizations remain flat at 325 as do ICU and intubations at 48 and 25 respectively.

I did screw up yesterday when I said that no new states were added - we can all now go to Wyoming! Going to be a hell of a road trip and I’m not sure what is there besides Jackson Hole - which is one of CICI’s all time favorite places. Another place on my bucket list.

Well, I hope everyone had a good Saturday and got a lot of rest and relaxation in. Many of you don’t know that in my pre-political life I was a carpenter/builder so throughout covid I’ve started several random projects around the house. Unfortunately for my bride (just found out she actually doesn’t like when I use that term - so I probably shouldn’t anymore but I still find it sweet) I have ADD so most of these projects are in a state of completion somewhere between 50 and 75%. Anyway, the reason I wrote this is it is amazing how your skills deteriorate without using them. I was putting up some crown molding tonight and my back coping cuts looked like something out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Oh well, I’m sure the next piece will go much more smoothly and by the time I am finished it will all come back only to be forgotten again.

Be safe, be smart, be happy, and be AUTHENTIC!


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