Representative Dooley September 4th COVID-19 Update

It’s Derby Weekend! Time to break out the ginormous hats, plaid jackets, and mint juleps. Yes, its also Labor Day weekend so we can merge it with bathing suits and burgers and really have a hell of a time. And the Massachusetts Gaming Commission came up with a phenomenal idea to help the local economy and make the Derby a little more exciting. Plainridge Park Casino will be offering drive through Derby Day betting in their parking lot from 10:30am to 6:30pm. Easy peasy - have a family competition, help the economy, keep one of the largest employers in the area open, and maybe even win some money.

CiCI is torn between “Tiz the Law” and “Storm The Court” - because she doesn’t get enough of that legal crap during the rest of her week. I was going for “Authentic” because that is one of the things that my admirers and detractors alike often refer to me as - although I got a feeling the latter says it with a hint of sarcasm. But, I think my money is going on “Thousand Words” for the win - since I’ve been told my Facebook posts are way too long and are always have at least a 1,000 words. To be honest, I never count - just do a brain dump. But since they are both going off at 9-1 maybe I should just bet on each to win or do a quinella with both of them and really hit it big! (Disclaimer: I’m really not much of a gambler so just looked up betting terms on the internet - but it sounds cool so I’m going with it).

There were 219 new cases determined to be positive and 22 people passed away with covid today. The 7 day average of test to positive remains below 1% and average death rate remains at 14 per day. No new states added to the good list today so Rhode Island remains a no go state.

The state average remains at 4.2/100,000 but certain communities have much higher spread. Chelsea is at 29.4, Revere is at 20.9, Everett is 15.9, Lawrence is at 14.9, and Lynn at 12.1 - so the government is going to do some programs to get those communities under control through education, testing, and enforcement… oh wait, no mention of enforcement, hmmm, that is curious.

Well, no matter what we are going through - I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in any other country. I was chatting with a friend in Saudi Arabia today and he said that their penalty for violating quarantine is a $3,000,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. And I bet jurisprudence and civil liberties aren’t really highlighted in any of the travel brochures. We ain’t perfect - and we still have work to do, but we really are an amazing nation.

I hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day weekend, enjoy your family, hopefully get some normalcy back in your world, even if it isn’t exactly normal. Keep doing everything you are doing and being safe. We are continuing to make great strides and we are saving lives. And to everyone who signed up for a yard sign - thank you. 60 days till the election and I will do my best not to be overbearing with campaigning - but I love serving all of you and I hope you feel the same - so I will be asking for your vote and confidence. Fair warning.

Stay safe,


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