2020 re-election campaign kickoff!

Today officially kicks off my re-election campaign and I need your help! With there being quarantine and social distancing - I do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or put anyone at risk so I won't be doing my normal door to door campaigning (which I actually love).

So, in the spirit of it being an election year, I decided to start out with something fun to help get the word out and hopefully raise a couple of dollars to help pay for some lawn signs and mailers.

These t-shirts are crazy comfortable and I thought made for a fun design. How often am I going to get to use the two O's in my name for a campaign? So 2020 is the year and I would so appreciate your support.

Only $20 - and these shirts are even nicer than the Farmers Feeding Families shirts I did earlier in the year. Best of all they will be mailed directly to your home from the manufacturer (Inkify is run by an amazing couple who live in Norfolk and their shop is in Walpole - so remember to buy local whenever you can!)

Thank you!


Click here for a shirt!

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