Representative Dooley August 31st COVID-19 Update

I went on the world renown “Small Town Scuttlebutt” podcast this evening. I had so much fun that I’ve decided that i am going to start my own podcast except with video (does that make it a webcast, or a video blog, vlog, or ???? - so much to learn) because I think that would be even more entertaining - although I might regret it. So now I got to figure out all the nonsense I need to get - so give me a few days to buy a bunch of stuff on Amazon before CiCi shuts me down and I will be up and running. I think I will make it more politically centric than this blog/post with a Massachusetts slant because that really doesn’t exist. I suppose if no one watches I will go back to dying my wife’s hair and giving out beauty trips. But I think it would be fun and hopefully interesting and give me an outlet to talk politics without boring the hell out of my wife and kids. So, stay tuned… or not. LOL

11 new deaths were attributed to Covid today and our 3 day rolling average is back down to 11. We also had 301 new positives cases reported in the state. That being said, there were 18,740 tests so that means the positive to test percentage remains only 1.6%. All the other metrics remained pretty much flat statewide.

I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about the new CDC report stating that only 6% of the virus deaths are solely attributable to COVID-19. While I have been pointing out this fact for quite sometime - we must realize that this is a very subjective statistic. We have always known that deaths were primarily in people who were already compromised with a pre-existing condition and that factor was compounded by age. In Massachusetts the number remains 98.2% have a significant condition that adds to the morbidity of the disease. What this statistic does not call out is that some pre-existing conditions are not fatal and that covid is seriously shortening their lives. I only say this as I do not want to underplay the severity of this disease and this report is being touted to minimize the overall death statistics. While I realize they can’t actually quantify how much it shortens the life of a particular person and I’m sure there are cases where it really didn’t have much effect, when it is your loved one whose life has been cut short - even if it is only a few months- it is significant. Not to mention, many of these people still are forced to die frightened and alone - and I don’t want anyone to suffer in this way. I guess what I am trying to say is: just because this may not be fatal for many of us (although 6% isn’t no one) we still do not want to let our guard down and we need to still keep doing everything we can to protect those who are vulnerable from the virus.

Tomorrow is Primary Day - for those who don’t know me, I love Election Day. It is the celebration of freedom, democracy, community, and it makes America so special. I’ve had a few folks ask me about who I was going to vote for tomorrow and since I’m a Republican I will be taking a Republican ballot. The only contested races are US Senate -where I will be voting for Kevin O’Connor and Representative in Congress - where Colonel Julie Hall has my full support. It is great if you also vote for Sheriff Jerry McDermott and Matt Kelly for State Senate even though they are unopposed. And of course I would be honored if you would cast your vote for me. Fortunately I am unopposed in the primary - so November 3rd is the big election - but I always appreciate the support.

When I posted the Governor’s order of calling up the national guard on Friday and asked the question: “what are we not being told?” a few people chimed in on my page that I was being some sort of nut and deliberately causing unrest by posting it. First, that’s not who I am and second, I seriously wanted to know because if antifa or some other group was going to be rioting - that is an area I have no desire to stroll through, especially with my kids; so yeah, if the government is calling the military up for the “preservation of life and property” I want to know where the sh*t is going down. That being said, since then numerous news agencies have asked the same exact question over the last couple of days, I wonder if they are being accused of inciting extremism as well - I bet not. The State House news this afternoon did a story on my exact point in that “almost 72 hours later the administration will not say what, if anything, the activated Guardsmen have done since then or whether the Guard remains active Monday.” Karyn Regal, a reporter for WBZ News reported that Mass. State Police Col. Christopher Mason said there was no specific threat to Massachusetts but that the National Guard was called up as part of "an abundance of caution" to "staff up and we prepare for all those contingencies.” Whatever the heck that means. The SHNS article further added “A spokesman for EOPSS did not say Monday afternoon whether the Guard remained activated as of Monday, what the activated Guard members had done since being called up, or whether there had been any change in the limited details provided Friday.” I just find this curious. I don’t doubt the Governor has a reason for calling them up - I just wish the public was given more information. It is funny, I’m a hard core constitutionalist and I worry more about the slippery slope and its effect on democracy - and I find it funny that some people criticize me for this. I would rather shine a bright light on a possible threat to liberty than be kept in the dark and say nothing until it is too late. I believe it is good to question authority - that doesn’t mean that they aren’t right- I just feel it is important to let them know that we are paying attention.

I hope everyone has a great election day - and thank you to everyone who had the courage to put their name on the ballot. It truly is what makes America so great. Hopefully one day soon the Republican ballot will be as competitive as the Democrats because I believe it’s important to have a robust political process as that creates better democracy. But for now, I will look forward to going to the polls, say hi to my neighbors, and cast my vote for some really good people that I am proud to call friends.

Stay safe and keep on keepin’ on!


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