Representative Dooley August 27th COVID-19 Update

Ok, there are some definite perks of being a state rep! Tonight I got home and there was a plate full of warm cookies on the front porch with a note thanking me for all I do. Totally made my night although not great for my waist line as they were soooooo good. I did share with the rest of the fam but not till I had 3! We do really have the coolest community and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

Another frustrating day as 20 more deaths were reported in the last 24 hours coupled with 365 new positives. Fortunately after two days of increases in hospitalizations, we were down 23 today to bring that number to 333. We have flattened the curve but I must admit I’m getting a bit impatient that it is continuing to hold in this range. I realize that flattening the curve was/is the focus until we get a cure, but the reporting about death and sickness night after night really gets to me. Having met so many families (including my own) who have had to deal with their loved ones dying - I just want it to stop. I know it isn’t that simple and we are all woking hard, but sometimes you just want to scream.

Hopefully the Governor opens up Rhode Island tomorrow. I was promised that they look at it and change direction at the end of the week (still think this is a nonsensical policy) and tomorrow is the end of the week… so fingers crossed.

For what it is worth, and chalk this up to pure rumor, but I was chatting with an executive in the hospitality industry and his company is one of the preeminent players in the pos and all financial aspects of the restaurant industry - so it is someone’s whose opinion I trust. He was telling me that their internal modeling shows between 40-50% of current restaurants will not survive for the next 12 months. Much of the government programs, tax extensions, etc are good through the end of the year, but after the first when these begin to come due, the whole thing begins to unravel and will make their model unsustainable - especially if there continues to be restrictions. This is a national model, and he said places like Mass will be even worse because of the intensity of the restrictions coupled with an expensive workforce/expensive rents. So, get out there and support your favorite restaurants before it is too late and your only option are national chains.

And while I’m on the subject of restaurants - went to Nosh and Grog in Medfield tonight (get the taco sampler and the crab rangoon if you go) and once again had to shake my head at the silliness of some of these new random laws. My friend from out of town was shocked that the law now states that you can’t order drinks before you order food. “What the heck does that have to do with the virus, that doesn’t make sense!” Welcome to Massachusetts. The virus can sense if you are having a cocktail when you are looking over the menu and that is when it strikes! Sometimes I feel that there is a group of bureaucrats sitting around making things up as sort of game to see who can put out the most ridiculous rule.

Well, tomorrow is Friday and I got my boat back from the shop today so I’m hoping to have our maiden voyage as a sunset cruise tomorrow night. It is a majestic yacht - a 40 year old 13 foot whaler that CiCi’s parents passed down to her. But we are all very excited now that we got her running and I think I will have a blast going out fishing on Lake Pearl with the kiddos.

As always - keep being awesome!


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