Representative Dooley August 25th COVID-19 Update

First, let me say that I hate this new Facebook version. It is weird, slow, and messenger is all over the place. How can a company with billions of dollars dedicated to R&D put out such chaotic crap. Second, when you spend too much time making sure all of your kids are properly suncreened and then do a half ass job on yourself - no bueno! And third - Really Bruins? Why do you suck so bad in overtime? Ugh!

12 new deaths and 349 positives are the cover stats for the past 24 hours. So depressing that we still have this many deaths per day and I have to wonder how severe are these significant pre-existing conditions. Yes the stat is 98.2% but what is really a significant condition - is it mild asthma or is it stage 4 cancer? I realize that it is all about patient privacy and HIPAA but I would love to know if the deaths were a 109 year old with seven diseases in addition to COVID-19 as opposed to just average age is 83 and significant other health factors. I guess it doesn’t matter - but I do wish there was a way for the doctors to rate the effect the virus had - yes, Mrs. Smith died and had COVID-19 but the virus only accounted for 7.2% toward her passing and shortened her lifespan by 3 days. Not diminishing the disease at all - but I think many people out there would appreciate a more comprehensive answer as I find the “if you have the virus you get put on the list even if you die in a car accident” aspect of these statistics are more for spin or money than for scientific data analysis. While these only count for 10% or so of the reporting - we have all heard a story or two - and when one aspect of misinformation is proven correct it calls into question all the data and gives a field day for the conspiracy theorists.

This next item was brought to my attention thanks to one of my wonderful Facebook followers. With all the drama surrounding mandatory flu vaccines ordered by the administration last week I missed this little nugget: Gov. Charlie Baker said that his administration plans to roll out a rapid response testing program that can be made available to any school in the state that meets certain criteria, like having two or more students in the same classroom test positive within two weeks."This program will be designed to quickly deliver testing resources for students and school personnel if there are multiple cases in a cohort that requires larger-scale testing than a community may have access to currently" Baker said. "This program can be deployed to test students within a particular classroom or other groups.”

I was like, huh? How did I miss this? They are testing our kids at school now? Well, I called my sources at DPH and they said they are working on guidance that will clarify that none of this will be done without the parents' consent. Phew. What I don’t know is if the schools will make you sign a blanket consent form and if you refuse to do it you won’t be allowed in school. Or if you get the call and they tell you that they are going to be testing - you can either agree or come get your kid and keep him/her home for the next 14 days. Kind of like - you are free to not get the flu shot we just will not let your kids in school but we are still going to take your tax dollars. Fingers crossed it wont be a mandate - but given where everything has been going lately - I doubt it.

I also spoke with a couple of friends in the administration and they expect there should be new guidance coming out at the end of the week regarding the “no go” states including Rhode Island. The metric that the administration has been quoting (if memory serves) is that the number of 7 day average needs to be below 2.3%. Since Rhode Island is now below 2% I’m not sure why that doesn’t automatically trigger the re-adjustment. Not sure why they need their crack color coding map team to break out their box of Crayolas with the built in sharpener before they can announce the adjustment - but that is their “new normal” I suppose. I’m hopeful that it is taken off of the list, and I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be, and people in the know were not telling me but their voices sounded optimistic - but again I’ve been surprised by some of the other things that have been decided on both extremes. But my daughter is getting ready to ship out for Quantico for the next 6 months and I and the rest of my family would really like to spend some quality time with her before she departs New England without my having to break the Governor’s rule or drop $700 for getting the entire family tested even though we were only with my daughter. grumble grumble grumble.

Well, time to try and find some aloe or after sun and put it on and stand around so I don’t end up sticking to my bed sheets. I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day and have a great day tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay happy!


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