Representative Dooley August 17th COVID-19 Update

It’s Monday, right? Still in a blur when it comes to what day of the week it is. I suppose it is partially due to summer and the kids being out of school - but there are several times a day when I check my phone to see what day it is. Watched “Cool Runnings” the Jamaican bobsled movie with the boys tonight - I think we might be running out of sports movies at this stage of covid. LOL

Although we continue to be making progress in our fight against this horrible disease - we still had 4 deaths attributed to COVID-19. There were 213 new positive cases but that has dropped our positive rate to a mere 0.8% positive per test ratio. That is huge news as this is the lowest we have seen. Even the average lately has been really good, but having a day below 1% is very positive.

As all of the buzz these days is about mail in voting — I thought I would share a way that you can actually check the status of your application and ballot. If you have applied for a ballot - you can actually track its process and make sure that it arrives at your Town Clerk’s office. Simply go to: and plug in your information.

I know there are a bunch of conspiracy theories going around about the post office - so if you have any worry whatsoever - simply drop your vote by mail ballot at the Clerk’s office or in their designated overnight lock box. If you don’t want to do the vote by mail and you can’t or don’t feel comfortable voting in person on election day - you can go to the Clerk’s office (or designated early voting location) beginning Saturday, August 22nd through Friday, August 28th.

For specific locations and times you can look it up at:

And as always, if you aren’t going to be in town on election day- traditional absentee ballots are still available. And for those of you who are like me and love election day - September 1st polls will be open from 7am - 8pm (Medfield opens at 6am).

I get the theory behind early voting and don’t necessarily hate it - I just love election day and wish it was a bigger deal. More of a community event, pomp and circumstance where we can all gather as neighbors and celebrate the amazing thing that is our American democracy. I just worry that we are losing that - trading the specialness for convenience. Especially when I look at countries that are new to democracy where they are so excited to vote and will stand in line for hours and some even risk their lives daring to exercise their freedom to elect their leaders.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week and keep fighting the good fight. Not sure when the next phase of reopening will happen as it has been put on hold indefinitely. I just wish the metrics and benchmarks would be announced so we could know what our goal is. The uncertainty I think adds too much of the angst and frustration.

Stay safe,


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