Representative Dooley August 14th COVID-19 Update

Our family (except CiCi) loves amusement parks and especially rollercoasters. So whenever we get a chance to go - we do. Since Six Flags isn’t open we ventured up to the Live Free or Die state and hung at Canobie Lake. And for as long as I can remember - we take this “peace and pucker” picture on the log ride - this tradition was started by Caroline when she was probably about 8 years old. Not sure why but us Dooley’s love tradition. That being said, it was an awesome day and so great to get out with my little ones.

14 deaths today so our 3 day average remains at 12 - which is where we have been hovering since mid June. There were 212 new positive cases also reported today. After 3 days of increased hospitalizations we have had 2 days with decreasing numbers and are back down to below 400. 58 remain in ICU and 31 of those are are on ventilators, so fortunately those numbers are staying flat as well.

I must say, even for me, this week has been coo coo - since the New Boston Post decided to publish my Facebook rant from last Friday on the Governor’s overreach and executive mandates on Massachusetts citizens. Well, since then my phone has rung off the hook, Boston Herald did an article, Boston Globe columnist tweeted out, I’ve had law firms and think tanks from DC calling, hell, as I was driving home from New Hampshire - and my phone starts blowing up because Howie Carr was reading through my posts on his radio program. I guess this is 2020 - write your musings on your Facebook page to your friends and the next thing you know - the entire world is reading it. Fortunately 99% of the people understood it - although the 1% that then decided to attack me because they didn’t actually read it and assumed I was preaching that the virus was a hoax or I didn’t believe in masks and all the other protections. Ugh, guess you cant fix stupid - some people have their pre-conceived notions and love to lecture without bothering to comprehend an intellectual/constitutional argument that transcends this particular crisis.

For those of who have been reading this missive since March, you know that one of the drums I have been beating since the beginning is that the numbers being reported from DPH as well as the information coming from the labs has had a ton of mystery, discrepancies, and they have had an unwillingness to answer questions. More than usual this week I have been criticized by a couple of people for daring to spread this belief as a conspiracy theory (for the record - I do my research and pride myself in not repeating others' nonsense - which is why I started this nightly post in the first place) and how dare I say these things without facts (I have lots of facts but that doesn’t seem to matter to these partisan/agenda driven folks).

But guess what happened today? Yep, the administration finally had to admit I was right. You know the government really wants the public to know about a controversy when they release the information in a press release on a Friday evening. Can’t make this up! But with all the focus I and others have put on this over the last week - I really believe helped to force this disclosure.

The Department of Public Health disclosed that an unidentified commercial lab is under investigation after state officials detected 130 false positives test results were reported.

The errors mean the city of Fall River is being recategorized from the red to yellow, moderate-risk category and Taunton is shifting from yellow to green. The number of positive COVID-19 test results affixed to other communities may also be updated, officials said. The news of false positive test reports came on the same day that school districts were required to file final plans for the approaching school year. When the Governor rolled out his latest magic traffic light of risk on Tuesday, he suggested the new labels would play a role in how cities and towns think about operations.

Baker said, ”If you're in a green or a white community, I can't imagine a good reason not to go back, whether it's full-time or some sort of a hybrid, because for all intents and purposes you meet all the benchmarks that are being used across the country and across New England to make decisions about whether it's safe to go back to school," but now we know that these numbers were wrong, these benchmarks were wrong, because of mis-testing and that is what our government is deciding to base our school numbers on? So frustrating as so many red flags have been there for quite some time.

And while I’m mentioning magical mystery traffic lights. The original 6 light version added another green light - which means we should be moving forward on the next stage of re-opening - although that has been put on hold indefinitely (once again moving the goal posts). The metric “contact tracing capabilities” - has moved from yellow to green. I don’t know what characteristics triggered this - but I’m not complaining.

Well, long fun day and now I’m heading to bed. Again, way later than I wanted - but its the story of my life. And I want to say thank you to all y'all that have my back. I don’t expect us to agree all the time and I make mistakes - but in everything I do - I strive for it to be exceptional and I work very hard to make sure it is in the best interest of everyone I represent. And I hope you can appreciate when I do something that you may think of being out of character - I almost always have a method to my madness and despite how it might appear, it is usually strategic - and the level of success I have achieved thus far hopefully proves that I am always working for you.

Have an awesome weekend, keep doing everything to stay safe, and try your best to live the Golden Rule in these crazy times.


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