Representative Dooley August 11th COVID-19 Update

Every once in awhile the karma gods smile down on you completely unexpectedly. This afternoon I got a call from someone I worked with a million years ago back in my corporate/finance days asking for a reference on someone who his firm was looking to hire. I was completely perplexed as I not only have I never met this individual but both he and his wife have been trolling me for years. Not the normal partisan bickering but the deliberate, mean, nazi calling crap; writing my friends and neighbors with deliberate lies trying to destroy my reputation purely for political gain. Basically the type of internet nonsense that is destroying political discourse and the reason we can’t get good people to run for public office. So you can imagine my surprise when I was asked, “what can you tell me about this guy that we are thinking about hiring - good guy?”

Unfortunately there were 10 people that passed away in the past 24 hours that was attributed to Covid and 296 new positive cases. I will say that it has been enlightening getting stories from all of you and there is definitely some issues with reporting. Not sure exactly what it means and I’m not trying to minimize the significance of the virus - but it worries me that there are uncertainties surrounding the numbers. The misreporting of nursing home deaths in New York that was uncovered was quite eyeopening and has given me pause.

One of the Boston political papers picked up my rant from last weekend on King Baker so I’ve gotten quite a few calls and comments on it. One of the things I found funny was a that the only people who didn’t get that I was criticizing the Governor for his overreach of power and bypassing the legislature and due process with his orders, fines, and special police force as opposed to the handling of the crisis in general - were the alt left progressives. You know - the ones that want to defund the police - but now are all about turning in your neighbors and have this special enforcement unit check up on citizens and fine them for daring to not comply. The same folks who daily shout that Trump is a fascist and tries to circumnavigate checks and balances that are set forth in the constitution - are now celebrating the exact same actions because… honestly I don’t really understand this logic. But, just to clarify for those who only read my ramblings with a preconceived notion - I’m not necessarily attacking the quarantine, the restrictions, or even the fines for that matter. I know in my heart of hearts that once we start surrendering our basic liberties and allow one man to make law on his own without due process, testimony, debate, or any other safeguard that makes our democratic republic so special - it is a slippery slope. And while this time it might (stressing “might”) be ok because the Governor means well, the next time it might be a little more severe, and so on. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and I’ve taken an oath to serve you and protect the constitution - and until you feel I’m not the right person for the job, I’m going to keep doing that - no matter who I end up pissing off.

Governor Baker announced today another one of his famous traffic light codes for cities and towns to signify the level of positive cases in each community. I bet when little Charlie was growing up Red Light / Green Light must have been his favorite game. Anyway, of the towns I represent only Wrentham made the list as a yellow (caution community). The only problem is that they were using data from yesterday and those that had been tested positive had already finished their 14 day quarantine and Wrentham’s count as of 5 pm this evening is 0. I double checked with the Board of Health and the nurse. So, unfortunately the state’s data is lagging but it kind of ticks me off that they didn’t double check with the towns before blasting out a list of hotspots and causing a lot of undue worry. Just to be safe I also checked on Plainville - also 0, Norfolk: 1, and Medfield: 1. Unfortunately I couldn’t get Millis and Walpole after hours but since they didn’t have a negative report - I wasn’t too terribly worried.

Well, I’m heading to bed as I didn’t sleep at all last night - the youngest had a nightmare and came down to sleep with us, which then got the dogs up, and then a cat decided it was a good time to stomp around the bed - freaking chaos and as soon as I would start to drift someone needed to go to the bathroom or would decide that I was taking up too much room and a sharp elbow would head my way. Just one of those nights but I am dragging. I’m working on a letter to the Governor on his administration's back to school directives - or lack thereof. So hopefully I can carve out some time to put that together tomorrow.

Be safe and be well!


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