Representative Dooley August 8th COVID-19 Update

18 years ago tonight I got all dressed up, printed out my mapquest directions, and went on a blind date at the very ominous sounding Rock Bottom Brewery. I walked in and this tall, statuesque brunette was alone at the bar and I prayed that was my date. Ok, she didn’t run for the door when I came over and introduced myself so the night is off to a good start. We had a drink and then grabbed a table for dinner. As we waited for the waitress I didn’t think it was going very well as she wasn’t smiling much - not a good sign because I was crushing it and absolutely hysterical and charming - every girls dream LOL -I found out months later that she had just had crowns installed on her teeth and they felt like they were slipping and she was paranoid that they would fall out and that would probably be a deal breaker. I will admit - she was probably right about that one. Well, I knew I had a keeper when the food came and she started dancing in her seat - and I was like what are you doing? “Oh, that’s my happy food dance - I have done this whenever anyone brings me food since I was a baby.” It is so funny, my daughter Emma (mini CiCi) does this as well and has since she was an infant - genes are an amazing thing. Well the rest of the date went well and when I walked her to her car it was a jeep with no top and a giant bag of dog food in the back seat. This was my kind of girl - elegant but completely down to earth - now I just had to convince her to go on a second date. As they say, the rest is history - now she has to put up with my nonsense 24/7 - lucky girl. So, I just wanted to share - granted, not the usual randomness of my cluttered mind - but just as a thank you to CiCi for putting up with all of my crap. She works her ass off to make our house a home while also being the primary breadwinner so I can go off and try to save the world - the fact that she supports this fool’s errand 100% and always has my back is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I love you CiCi Van Tine - more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

And this transition always is hard from me - talking about something so positive to discussing the virus and the decimating effects it has had on families across the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, 12 people passed away and 320 new cases of Covid were reported. Thank you to everyone who wrote me today with their experiences of misreporting and other testing abnormalities - 13 in all which seems extremely high given that my friends are primarily from this area. Not sure if we will ever get to the truth.

No rant tonight, I’m going to bring the love of my life some dessert and maybe a glass of wine and enjoy just being with each other. Kids, dogs, and cats are all asleep - and it is so very relaxing and peaceful - so I’m signing off for the night before she falls asleep.

Have a peaceful Sunday.


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