Representative Dooley August 5th COVID-19 Update

One of the most frustrating things about this job is trying to deal with things and companies completely out of my control. That is what happens whenever we have a major storm with power outages and I have to try and push more resources to our district than other parts of the state. I’m very fortunate that I have developed great relationships with senior management for both Eversource and National Grid which in most cases helps me get an extra truck or two. Eversource which covers 4 of my towns is typically more responsive so I get a bit more frustrated with National Grid. As of now we still have quite a few people without power - but crews are currently working in each town. Norfolk is down to 27, Millis 21, Walpole 78, and Medfield 152 which are all my Eversource towns. In National Grid land Plainville still has 779 out and Wrentham has 245. So a huge improvement over last night but still a long way to go. I’m trying to get some extra trucks shifted from Rhode Island - although they might not come if Baker wants them to quarantine for 14 days before they can get to work. (kidding - sort of)

On the update conference calls I must admit that they both have seen more on top of things this storm than in the past. Across the state they have had a ton of small outages which seems to be slowing things down. In addition, they did a great job of getting priority cases resoled quickly - places like nursing homes, medical facilities, and people with medical needs that have life support equipment in their homes. This has been a problem in the past and as bad as having no power is - when it is a matter of life and death the level of urgency is obviously through the roof - so at least I didn’t have to lose my mind getting those situations taken care of this time. Just finished my midnight update and Eversource should have everything in my towns up by tomorrow afternoon. National Grid is not as optimistic but I’m hopeful some of my contacts will come through and get it fixed tomorrow as well. If you still do not have power by mid morning on Thursday - please let me know your street and I will follow up street by street. They love it when I do that. LOL

Only 2 covid related deaths were reported today and 338 new cases. So close to zero although hospitalizations spiked up by 42. Fortunately only 1 new ICU case and ventilator usage dropped by 8. All other data continued downward so we continue to be on the right direction.

One initiative that the governor put out over the weekend that I forgot to mention was his #MaskUpMa that some consultant came up with and probably cost tax payers a shockingly amount of money. This must be the same cutting edge team that came up with the ever catchy - you drink you drive you lose. OMG. They spend money on this! Who’s Ma is he trying to get to mask up anyway? My wife pointed out that if he was trying to get something catchy he could have just asked her as the obvious choice should have been MASKachusetts! So much better, maybe I should make t-shirts and do as another fundraiser to pay for more masks to give out. Of course I will need to get CiCI’s permission first.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great day. I will keep pushing on the power - if there is anything I can do to help those of you without power (besides the obvious of getting your power turned on sooner) please let me know. The one thing this crisis has brought out is that we have a lot of good neighbors - so even if you just need a shower or a cup of coffee, if I can’t help there are hundreds of other folks in our community that will.

I hope you all have a great day today and keep the faith!


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