Representative Dooley August 4th COVID-19 Update

I started to write, “Ever have one of those days?” and then I realized it is 2020 and we are all having one of those days in an endless loop. Decided to do a little project around the house and since I used to be in construction - no problem, easy peasy. Well 6 hours, 2 Home Depot trips, a few more quarters in the swear jar, and a broken nail gun (granted it is my framing gun that is probably 15 years old), I have called it quits for the night. Poor CiCi - this is the story of her life, “don’t worry honey it will only take me like 20 minutes to do this…" and now she just smiles and laughs. Same when we have to go to a social event - when I tell her I just have to run in and say hi and we can leave - even my kids say that means 2 hours. Oh well, thank God they are patient.

The story of tonight is more the “hurricane” that blew through taking down a lot of limbs and trees causing some substantial power outages thus making 2020 even more like Little House on the Prairie. It appears that there are more than normal downed wires which is adding to the delays as they have to take care of all these live wires before they can start restoring power. I get it - but for those without power it is frustrating. Hopefully I will have a better update at my midnight call. A ton of little outages (not little if it is your house I know) but those are going to be the longest to fix as both companies are naturally trying to fix the major ones first. In my district, I believe Plainville is the only one that has an outage affecting over 1,000 customers. Please be patient - both companies have been exceptionally responsive and I’m being as much of a squeaky wheel as I can be without ticking them off. Just got off the phone and no real updates - hopefully will have a better grasp fist thing in the morning. *Remember - if there is a line down in your yard or street assume it is live and call both the power company and police and fire.

9 new COVID-19 related deaths and 438 new cases. The number infected is up a little but the number of people tested is also up so statistically it is not. Fun fact - ok not really fun, but I thought interesting and glad they have reported this: out of the 1,611,827 tests they have administered, 1,234,106 are unique individuals - so 400,000ish were from people that were tested multiple times. What I can’t seem to get an answer on is if they reported a positive test multiple times - as in you got tested positive for covid and quarantined for 2 weeks and got tested again - we now know that test was counted again - but if the result was still positive, did that report as another positive. I would guess they did, which does skew our analytics a bit.

And for all my friends in Narragansett, Block Island, Newport, or wherever - the Governor Santa Claus has decided to place Rhode Island on the naughty list and if you go there you need to quarantine of 14 days. To be honest it is the silliest directive yet as all sorts of exceptions including routine place of business - so all the folks from the Ocean State that work here are fine, and vice versa. It basically just is for those who go to RI for vacation - because we all know - this virus is very particular and will only latch on to people that are having a good time and totally ignores that other guy at the beach because he lives there but works in Attleboro. I personally think Governor Gina dissed Baker over who has the best chowder or something and this is payback. The problem with stupid directives is that people end up ignoring them and then end up ignoring the good ones as well because they figure in for a penny in for a pound. And in case I didn’t say it before, I think the $500 fine is unconstitutional and just bravado.

Well, I’m exhausted (and a little frustrated due to my failed project) so I think I’m going to hit the hay. Last night I went to Wales (yes, there is a Wales, MA) for the Republican State Committee meeting and didn’t get home till after 2 (again because i’m always the last to leave a party) . But I would like to give a shout out to my good friend and RNC Treasurer Ron Kauffman for getting re-elected National Committee man from Massachusetts. Also my wife’s campaign manager from her senate run back when she was a mere child - Janet Fogarty, for being elected National Committee woman. Also congrats to my friend from Newton -Tom Mountain for being elected party vice chair, Patrick Crowley, CPA is the new state treasurer, and Kathy Jo Boss is the new secretary. Most importantly Lindsay Valanzola is the new Asst Secretary - no thanks to her brother Mike. I know most people don’t follow the exciting world of Massachusetts Republican politics - but it is a great group of people that volunteer their time to help me and others get elected. So while I usually shy away from making this post too political, I wanted to thank them for stepping up. So thank you for indulging me with my kudos.

Anyway, stay safe and I hope we get everyone’s power on soon. Fortunately it appears that the weather is cooperating so fingers crossed.



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