Representative Dooley August 1st COVID-19th Update

Well, it’s 12:32 on Saturday morning and we finally finished session for the week. Not sure why we had to do all the late night sessions when we have the rest of the year to complete everything since we waived Rule 12b. But it is what it is and I suppose it is tradition. It’s funny, a teenager asked me today why my posts were always so late at night. “I heard being a rep was just a 9-5 job, so why don’t you just write them during the day?” I laughed and laughed. Then I told CiCi and she thought that version of my job sounded much nicer and she wouldn’t have to deal with the kiddos solo so many evenings. But the one thing it isn't is predictable - which actually is a perfect fit for my personality. I love my job and I love all of you (well, most of you) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although waiting for 3 hours for the senate to walk a bond bill from one side of the building to the other in the middle of the night does tend to try my patience.

On a sad note 14 more people passed away today who had this awful disease. The numbers coming back from the lab are still catching up with the misreporting so they are off again today but even with that there were only 387 reported cases. So if you take out the old ones we are continuing to scale downward.

Well, really long week and I’m looking forward to the weekend. My lovely bride has a list a mile long focused mainly on the yard. The last few weeks have been so hectic things have slipped a little (ok, a lot) - and before my neighbors show up with torches and pitchforks I better get out there with the mower and weed whacker. Although it will be nice to just kind of zone out and not be looking at legislation on 2 computer screens and a phone while listening to testimony in one ear thanks to my air pods (awesome father's day gift) and talking on the phone with the other. So glamorous. Also going out for a bike ride with a friend tomorrow - and I haven’t ridden all year - he used to be a professional athlete and is 10 years younger - so hopefully I survive!

Off to bed - sorry not an exciting post tonight although the senate did bring back the 20 acres for pond street rec fields so that’s all approved as soon as Charlie signs it. Be well and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Stay safe!


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