Representative Dooley July 30th COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a great day today. I had another 1,463 hour conference call - well it was session so it at least felt like it took that long. Tomorrow was supposed to be the end of session but we voted to extend it indefinitely so we can continue to work on the budget and additional cover related bills - which I was very glad they did. That being said, we are still pushing through a ton of bills - although it never makes sense that they do this every session instead of spreading things out throughout the two years.

Well, there were 15 confirmed deaths related to covid today and 304 new positives. Before anyone freaks out that 304 is way higher than normal - one of the labs had an “error” in their reporting and just released them today. I don’t know about you - but if a lab can’t even do simple data entry, I’m not sure how much I want to trust their testing.

Couple of cool things happened today - first, my bill that adds an additional 20 acres from Dept. of Corrections to the Town of Norfolk to expand the Pond Street fields got passed in the house - final bill of the night! Still has to go through the senate but I’m hopeful that it will be pretty quick. This will allow the town to create additional fields and recreation space.

Also, one of my constituents and favorite readers of this nightly blog called with an idea yesterday - their mother is in a nursing home and throughout this crisis - one of the things that she really missed was the simple aspect of getting her hair done and this isn’t allowed in a long term care / nursing facility. I called the Governor because this just didn’t seem right, then DPH, then the re-opening committee and by this afternoon we were able to get a new regulation allowing this to happen. It is the little things that can make all the difference in the world and I think bringing back some semblance of normalcy is so incredibly important for our seniors (and the rest of us).

Pfizer is going to be starting clinical trials of their covid19 vaccine in Boston over the next couple of weeks. I don’t know all the details but if you are interested in being a guinea pig you can contact their Clinical Trials Contact Center: 1-800-718-1021 or The fact that they have already reached the clinical trial stage this quickly is very promising.

Well, off to bed. It is amazing how being on a phone all day wears you out. Keep doing what you are doing being awesome.


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