Representative Dooley July 26th COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend. KP graduation was awesome and I got my oven and microwave fixed! How is that for exciting. For some reason, I had a pipe that ran from the pre-heater in my geo thermal system to my heat pump hot water heater burst and flood my basement this morning- so that was a fun Sunday project. Fortunately, I have some of the best friends in the world and in the matter of minutes I had 3 guys over helping out, fixing the pipe, and trying to figure out why it happened. I am truly blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. And my basement floor is really squeaky clean - so I suppose that is the silver lining.

Before I get into my main topic - unfortunately we had another 19 deaths reported today and 273 new cases - so while the numbers continue to be flat or down - we are no where near being out of the woods yet. Hospitalizations, ICU, and intubations have continued to decrease - but we just aren’t getting to that consistent 0 and 19 deaths is still a really high number. Again, a vast majority (98%) had preexisting conditions - but this thing will kick the crap out of you even if you are perfectly healthy - so let's make sure we do our best not to get it.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that there was some discussion on line that there was a spike within the KP district with a bunch of our kids. So, as a data guy I went to the analytics of the Department of Public Health and that didn’t show that there was any form of spike. So, my next step was to call DPH and went through the specifics on Friday with one of my inside sources. So what he was able to tell me was that so far in the month of July there were 9 new cases in Wrentham, 9 in Plainville, and 3 in Norfolk. But he couldn’t tell me the ages due to internal restrictions meant to protect the rights of those infected. But this information still wasn’t jiving with the information I was hearing from other parents throughout the area.

For those who have been following me for awhile - you know I have not had much faith in DPH and their stats from the beginning and have often found - shall we say - questionable reporting. Either through incompetence or by deliberate manipulation - they have repeatedly disappointed me so I decided to do some more research on my own. What I have found is that either DPH is lying or the reporting is so incompetent that there really should be an investigation as to what the heck they are spending their money on.

What I have found out through numerous discussions with officials, parents, medical folks, CIA operatives, etc (many of these conversations were off the record of course) is that there is definitely something of significance going on in our community . Whether it counts as a spike or not - the reality is that we have an issue our hands. I’ll try to be as general as possible to not necessarily identify those who may or may not be involved. Apparently a few days ago there was a house party where a lot of kids were there in addition to some visiting college kids from a state that it has a large outbreak.

OK - Covid tip du jour- if you are going to be playing drinking games such as beer pong - somehow figure a way to play without drinking out of the communal cups. No keg stands, ice luges, funneling, bong hits, etc. I’m writing this and thinking - damn, I don’t know how I am still alive. I mean - I’ve read about these things and seen them in the movies. - I’ll stick with that story. But seriously - kids will be kids (including those of us who have free spirits) so talk with them and bring it up and offer them different solutions. I’m sure no one was really thinking and just having fun but this disease is no joke.

Also, let your kids know that if they were infected or were at one of the parties - when the tracing peeps call - have them be incredibly honest. No one is turning you into the police or have them get in trouble anyway - it simply is to give the local board of health the ability to discreetly contact those who might have been exposed to have them get tested and quarantine - or at least stay away from those at higher risk. This part is so important and please stress, the more information they can provide the better as this will help the experts understand how the disease spreads and help protect others. But even if you are underage - no one is getting turned in and they will be incredibly protective of your identity.

Well, this is 2020 so not sure why I am surprised I am writing advice on keg stands and body shots - but what the hell. We need to make sure we keep this thing as tamped down as possible and I think unfortunately some of the press and conversation has been a little too positive with us taking a victory lap and hence lulling people into a false sense of security. I’m guilty of that as well -although I think it is human nature after so many weeks of horrendous news to celebrate the positives. But we are not out of the woods and yes, we are doing really well, but we can’t let our guard down. Granted the Governor is going to fine people $500/day if they come here from out of town unless you are from one of his favorite states (so freakin random especially since these states still have active cases) but that will be a rant for another day.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and not meaning to cause panic. I would like to give a shout out to several parents who wrote me off line about this and especially Kleigh Pete who was the first to originally post for bringing this to my attention. I have several other calls in so hopefully I will get some more information tomorrow. But in the meantime, be safe, talk with your kids, and do the very best you can by washing your hands, wear masks, social distance whenever possible, and don’t pass the bottle around the bonfire.

Have an awesome week.


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