Representative Dooley July 19th COVID 19 Update

So, our wall oven / microwave has some computer glitch and stopped working but no worries - our appliance company will only take a little over 3 weeks to come out and evaluate what is wrong even though I gave them the error code and then it will be another 3 weeks before the part comes in. But hey - they gotta make that extra $100 for a “service call”. Yea!!!!! So in the meantime, we had an old microwave in the attic, so after searching around in a 300 degree attic I dragged it down two flights of stairs (old microwaves weigh roughly 200 pounds by the way) and the kids were happy again for some gourmet meals of microwaved popcorn and hot pockets but the 15 year old microwave only lasted a few days before it decided that it had reached retirement age stopped working. Rains / pours. Fortunately it was hot enough today that we were able to cook dinner on our driveway. Seems about right for 2020.

12 deaths were reported today and we have remained at that average for the weekend. Surge hospital usage dropped from 5 to 1 but as I said before - that number can be a bit misleading as one patient can mean the difference between being qualified as using surge or not. The 7 day average test to positive rate remains below 2% and hospitalizations dropped below 500 for the first time as well. We continue to move in the right direction. Hopefully the Governor announces phase 6 soon. Since every phase has 2 sub phases I have decided to renumber them 1-8 instead of 1a, 1b, etc. Seems much more honest than the gamesmanship that they bureaucrats are obsessed with. Still at only 3 green lights btw.

I will say that some things are getting back to normal. On Sunday nights I typically plan out the week and see what is scheduled, what I need to prep for, create a plan for each day, and determine priorities, etc. You know - a really exciting Sunday evening that is probably identical to Brad Pitt’s routine. Anyway, for the past 3-4 months I didn’t have to do that for the most part. Lots of zoom calls and conference calls but the calendar was pretty simple. 99% of my work was helping constituents and dealing with issues surrounding covid19. But this week I am suddenly insanely busy, meetings all over the state, on top of the conference calls etc. It is pretty exciting and although I’m sure I will regret saying this - I am psyched to have an intense volume of work back. Ok, so I’m weird, but trying to figure out how to fit it all in has always been an aspect that I have enjoyed. Maybe this is just a blip, but almost overnight -my dance card was full again.

Well, another hot one tomorrow and I have to get up in 5 and 1/2 hours so its time to hit the rack. Although I did get suckered into an episode of Rick and Morty - if you don’t watch it - it is a completely off the wall inappropriate cartoon that is so incredibly well written it has ended up being one of my guilty pleasures. Warning - it is weird and your sense of humor has to be more than a little off - but I guess that is who I am, and I’m ok with that.

Have a wonderful week and stay cool!


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