Representative Dooley July 11th COVID-19 Update

So, my crazy (albeit beautiful) wife wants to get chickens! Going to be freakin green acres over here. This is what happens when we go to a horse show in Uxbridge - lots of cool looking chickens running around. "But honey- think of all the money we will save by having fresh eggs!" I'm thinking - I don't know - maybe $3? So, serious question: anyone have experience with chickens - how much actual time, maintenance and aggravation as well as how do they interact with dogs and cats? That is my real worry - I'm going to build a hen house, fence, buy chickens, and come home to the kids shrieking in terror as our backyard ends up looking like something out of the silence of the lambs after our cats decide that chicken is delicious.

Not much Massachusetts Covid19 news to report today. Unfortunately we still had 14 new deaths and 167 new positives. All the models remain flat or down so we are doing what we need to do. So I suppose, not a lot of news is good news.

Going to be a hot one tomorrow - I have a 7 mile run scheduled and my bride has a 9 so better get to bed soon because I'm going to want to get up early before the heat and humidity really kick in. Sorry not a very exciting post this evening - no sense trying to try and force a post when it isn't coming naturally.

Keep up the good work and stay cool and hydrated!


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