Representative Dooley July 10th COVID-19 Update

Sorry I didn’t write last night, I was cleaning the basement and got on a roll and didn’t finish till after midnight. Yes, I realize I have a glamorous life - I don’t mean to brag but I am kind of a big deal in my house. If this were the 80’s I would probably be on an episode of lifestyles with rich and famous - champagne wishes and caviar dreams baby!

There were 28 new deaths reported today and 152 new positive cases. After 2 days of increases in hospitalizations we have had 2 in a row with a decrease. The trend is still negative as are most of the other metrics except for hospitals using surge capacity but that stat I find somewhat subjective as 1 bed puts the hospital on the list. But it remains something we need to continue to watch.

While we continue to have a flat / negative curve here in Mass - positive cases nationwide almost reached 60,000 today alone with overall positives in the nation reaching a little over 3.1 million. 799 deaths nationwide which on its own right isn’t overly shocking but it caps off several days of increasing totals and has caused the rolling average to increase for the first time in weeks. Most of this is concentrated in outbreaks in California, Texas, and Florida - but many other states are seeing spikes and increased hospitalizations - which is the most concerning statistic to me.

So, as we roll into the weekend - remember that we are low because we have being vigilant in our social distancing, mask wearing, and personal hygiene. We can not afford to get lulled into a false sense of security and no one wants anything to shift and cause a backward slide on the phases. We are number one in education in the country because we invest in education and we are wicked smart. We need to keep using that grey matter between our ears and realize we are in a marathon not a sprint. If we get sloppy, then things will go backwards and we put in jeopardy all we have been working for.

Short one tonight - its just been one of those days and I must admit I’m a little worried about all the increases and some of the head in the sand attitudes surrounding it - I just hope that philosophy doesn’t permeate around here.

And just to be clear - I’m not sad, worried, or depressed about how we are handling the crisis and I have total faith that we are continuing down the right path; I just hope everyone else keeps taking it seriously and no one starts to get complacent.

Have an awesome Saturday and keep doing what we have been doing. I realize the tunnel is a lot longer than we hoped, but we are continuing to travel in the right direction and that is what we need to keep doing.

Stay safe,


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