Representative Dooley July 7th COVID-19 Update

Well, I guess I stepped in it with some of you with my post last night. I realize I have a lot of new followers over the past couple of months so please indulge me with a top of the trees description of who I am, or who I think I am. And I will have my wife read this first and make sure I am not being too delusional. I don’t consider myself a politician and I don’t suffer fools lightly. I honestly and sincerely do not make my decisions on what is popular or what is politically expedient - solely what I feel is right and in the best interest of my constituents. I’m not always right (just ask CiCi), but I am honest and will admit it and I detest spin. I appreciate those who do not agree with me and are willing to have a conversation and despise the cancel culture and trolls who seek to lecture, shame, or lie about me. I am a Constitutional conservative and always try to put personal liberty first. I believe in small government and local control. I am not beholden to any politician regardless of party - so when I agree with Governor Baker I am with him and when I disagree with him I am vocal about it - usually to his face (or in 2020 via text or phone). I honestly believe that is why he always takes my calls because he respects my voice and knows that I am coming from a place of sincerity.

So, when I am critical of the Governor or his administration I do so because I believe they are not looking at the situation from every perspective and being too knee jerk or political. I get it and I appreciate it, but sharing my thoughts here with you is cathartic, it helps me frame my thinking in reading your responses, and it gives me a long form soliloquy that the Governor actually reads almost every day. What we have lost in this day and age is the ability to respectfully disagree, debate, discuss, and see different perspectives. We need more of that and I try very hard to live that philosophy every day. While I don’t expect anyone to agree with me all the time and I know there are probably a few that will never agree with me - please know that I’m trying my best to do what is right for all of you and the Commonwealth. We have a difficult row ahead - and we need people willing to speak truth to power and not be afraid to step up, alone, get knocked down, and step up again. Maybe I’m just not bright enough to do it the easy way, but that just isn’t me and while I enjoy being liked it is more important that I have your respect.

15 new deaths were reported today and 140 new cases. It’s funny - I got some grief from the Gov for my rant on the nonsense of possible/probable/maybe cases that they were reporting - but guess what - DPH is no longer reporting it as well. Probably after they found all the double counts they decided that guessing was not the metric scientists should be using while reporting deaths. But we continue to keep the curve flat and tick down slowly but surely - although I’m anxiously awaiting some more zeroes across the board.

Several people reached out and asked how they could express their feelings about youth sports and the back to school plans with the Governor so here are a few different ways. Honestly, I don’t know if he actually sees these things, but I assume some intern is compiling them into some form of spreadsheet that says x% like this and y% hate that.

Governor Baker's Constituent Services Main Office (617) 725-4005

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

I do appreciate the frustration with the double standard - basketball, hockey, soccer, and football are all too dangerous to play unless a billionaire owns the team and then an exception is made. Either make the safeguards universal and if you can follow them then you can play - or don’t let anyone play. I just find it hard to believe that my 14 year old hockey goalie that doesn’t have any skin uncovered is more at risk than Brad Marchand licking random opponents.

And since the Murder Hornets and Saharan Dust Cloud hasn’t reached us yet - the Governor reminded us about the killer mosquitos that we faced last year. “After Massachusetts experienced a significant outbreak of EEE last year, our Administration has been taking proactive, early steps to prepare for the virus this year, especially as the Commonwealth continues to confront the ongoing public health challenges associated with COVID-19,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “We are implementing early mitigation efforts and reminding residents to take steps to protect themselves and their families. We also look forward to working with our legislative colleagues to pass our legislation authorizing a statewide, coordinated approach to EEE.” Kudos to him for this effort - although I realize it is a major needle in a haystack, I am happy that the administration is getting ahead of this. See… I am being supportive of a positive decision!

And in the “he said what?” portion of tonights post: Mayor Martin Walsh says Boston could be the first major city that “truly recovers from COVID-19” as he looks to bring tourists back to the Hub while coronavirus cases remain low in Massachusetts.

Acknowledging the pandemic’s massive hit on the city’s tourism industry, which is just now starting to come back to life, Walsh said Tuesday that Boston could again become a travel destination if people continue to follow public health guidelines to keep infections under control. I’m not sure how this meshes with our 2 week quarantine mandate - maybe come to Boston to stay in a hotel and take a virtual tour of the freedom trail and get delivery from our world class restaurants? So, we are criticizing the rest of the country for their lack of awesomeness and our solution is to bring them here, on planes, trains, and busses. I don’t know - it seems to me that these politicians keep putting out mixed messages. But hey, maybe I’ve grown cynical.

Well, I hope you stayed with me till the end. More than I expected to write which seems actually like my norm - I just never intend to ramble on and once I get going it spurs other thoughts. I truly appreciate all of you, your comments, support, critiques, as well as how hard everyone is working protecting one another. Keep up the good work and keep being awesome!



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