Representative Dooley July 6th COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. Lots of old school fun over here - fishing, swimming, bike riding, etc. Just said goodbye to my Marine as she heads down to DC for a couple of weeks. Had dinner at the Old Canteen on Federal Hill - so now trying to write this before the food coma completely kicks in.

The weekend held steady as far as deaths were concerned and we saw 15 Covid19 related fatalities reported over the past 24 hours. Overall positive results per test remained low and all other measurements continued their downward trend. Total ICU beds dropped to 99 statewide and about half (51) of those are intubated. Such great news.

Well today was the first day of Phase 3. Still not sure why it was extended for another week when it was supposedly driven by data since the data only continued to dip downward and never showed any sign of pausing and certainly not spiking. Lots of conflicting information - no arcades but slot machines - no problem. No contact sports unless those playing are multi millionaires, etc. It is frustrating that the Governor and the administration keeps saying data, data, data, and then won’t use the data unless it suits them. Remember when southern states were doing well and the administration kept repeating that they don’t matter because we are completely different states? Well now suddenly we need to be more cautious and put brakes on because of those same southern states. I hate when politicians only use facts when it supports their argument.

I’m sure everyone saw the “sports guidance” that was finally released earlier today - only a few days late. I find it amazing that they extend phase 2 for an extra week - so they had nearly 3 months from the start of their re-opening plan to get all their ducks in a row and they still couldn’t figure out what they are doing regarding sports. Ugh, our tax dollars hard at work! The “direction” is all over the place, again is very subjective, and begs to be ignored and abused - which I am confident it will be. I have to wonder if any of the people on these blue ribbon panels have ever met a child let alone raised one. Very disappointed as I believe they could have put out a real plan with real benchmarks that would have provided a path to allow for normalcy - instead most people are now just figuring out how to do a work around, interpret a loop hole, or give-up all together.

Here are the newest guidelines:

We are doing a good job as a state and my frustration isn’t that we should be opening up all crazy - it remains the fact that our government has repeatedly moved the goalposts by stressing that they are making all their decisions based on facts but the data never supports their decisions. The nonsense about not moving into phase 4 until Governor Baker determines that disease has been eradicated from the planet smacks as a bit of government overreach. Again, let’s set solid common sense guidelines and let us figure it out. Just making our kids travel to RI or CT to participate in a sporting tournament isn’t helpful. Leaders lead - let’s do that that - Massachusetts should be coming up with real world solutions that the rest of the country can follow. Just my opinion - but all the uncertainty creates more problems than it attempts to resolve.

And just to clarify - I support common sense guidelines, wearing masks, and social distancing; but I remain worried about businesses going under and our children’s socialization and overall mental health - to be honest, I worry about a lot of things - I guess that’s being a dad. I know how many of you are also concerned about all of this uncertainties as well. Let’s keep standing together and doing what we can to protect one another and hopefully our government will eventually realize that we are way smarter than they give us credit for.

Keep the faith and keep moving forward!


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