Representative Dooley July 1st COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today! Our collie Aubie turned two today - so it was quite the celebration at Casa de Dooley! Buddy, our Golden Retriever, turns three on Saturday so it is going to basically be a non stop puppy rave from now through the weekend. Lots of treats and ball throwing - so if you come over - be prepared for a very intense, life changing experience. Or a ball that is covered with dog spit, either way it is pretty wild. (oh, by the way - it is also my favorite brother in law's birthday today as well, so happy birthday Rick Lowe!)

Unfortunately, our 0 didn’t last as 28 deaths were reported today and 157 newly reported positive cases. Pretty much every metric throughout the commonwealth remains flattened or down. DPH announced today that over 91,000 Mass residents have recovered from the virus. Of course another measurement based report showed 93,000 had recovered by mid June - so all positive reporting, I guess it is a bit of a moving target what exactly determines if a patient is “cured” - but I’ll take it.

The area town report came out today and it included number of residents tested and how many tested positive as a percentage. Here are the towns in the 9th Norfolk:

Medfield 947 tested with a 3.8% positive rate

Millis 678 tested with a 7.08% positive rate

Norfolk 1840 tested with a 1.47% positive rate

Plainville 800 tested with a 8.0% positive rate

Walpole 2883 tested with a 7.98% positive rate

Wrentham 1522 tested with a 12.61% positive rate

Wrentham remains an outlier due to the fact that it has a concentration of nursing homes as well as the Wrentham State School. When you take out those populations it is on the lower end of normal.

Well, quick one tonight. Crazy day and the phone won’t stop ringing. So, I’m putting on do not disturb for the next 6 hours and going to bed.

Keep up the great work and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with anything.


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