Representative Dooley June 29th COVID-19 Update

Well not much to report over the weekend so I didn’t bother posting my daily update. Not to mention - I think I got a little heat stroke running through town in my Superman outfit. Had to shampoo my hair three times to get all the product out - the things I do in the name of charity. In the end the event raised a little over $20,000 to fight kids cancer. Thanks to Megan Jusczyk

for putting this on every year - I know how much work goes into doing these and when the pandemic threw a wrench in the plans she and her team kept going and put together a really fun event.

There were 35 deaths reported today and 89 new positive cases. Pretty much held steady throughout the weekend as well. All the numbers continued downward. I must admit - I am still confused by the Governor’s metrics of measurement. For instance, healthcare system readiness is still at yellow but hospital surge capacity is down by 90% over the past month and currently only 2 hospitals in the state are using it at all. Further, there are only 762 hospitalizations of covid positive patients in the entire state and of that only 138 are in ICU (79 intubated). Honestly, I believe our hospitals, doctors, nurses, and everyone associated with them have done a remarkable job - so I feel that that our hospital readiness should be a green.

I realize it is just subjective and it is done more as a gimmick instead of a quantifiable approach - but when they keep telling us that everything is driven by data - but don’t give goals and benchmarks that need to be hit - it just shows that they are doing much of this more out of an abundance of caution than actually factoring in the data. And if they said, "hey guys, we just don’t know and we are going to be using data along with our gut and throw in some politics in order to make these decisions." I might not be thrilled but it would at least be honest. To say that it is only driven by data and then extend the start of phase three without any data - because we are waiting on more data, and then not report said data, is what makes people distrust government.

I’m a big transparency guy and that is what I think is one of the big problems we have in this country. So many “leaders” just say trust me and ignore what’s going on behind the curtain - it just feeds the misinformation. Combine that with the cancel culture - many of these politicians are afraid to say or do the wrong thing and make a basic mistake because depending on the mob mentality - they might be eviscerated for trying and failing. So instead we get people who are unwilling to actually lead and just play it safe or pander to the masses. Or worse - are owned by special interests or driven by their ego.

Congratulations to two friends who won their respective select board races this evening - Stan Widak in Plainville for getting re-elected and to Charlie Kennedy in Wrentham for returning to the board after taking a few years off. Being married to a member of a town select board - I know how much work goes into these positions and remember - they are all volunteer hours! Thank God for people willing to step up and selflessly serve our communities.

We are in session tomorrow - should pass the compromised voting bill as well as Chapter 90 - which is money for our local roads and bridges. Funded at the same level as last year (200M) so hoping that remains till it gets to the Governor’s desk as all of our towns desperately need this revenue. Although first thing in the morning I will be on at the fire station - which is going to be incredibly depressing as the Plainville override failed today so 6 firefighters will have to be let go. I don’t envy the Chief having to have those discussions and reorganizing the department to try and fill in all the gaps. I’m sad because these are some really great guys who are incredibly committed to service - but the people have spoken and that is why we have elections.

Keep doing what you are doing as we continue to fight this virus. Remember - just because our numbers are down isn’t because the virus has moved to Texas - it’s because we are doing a great job of protecting ourselves and each other.

Keep smiling!


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