Representative Dooley June 24th COVID-19 Update

I hope everyone had a good day today - nice that we got a bit of a shower mid day to cool things off a bit and water my lawn which is not doing well. To add insult to injury -when I was fertilizing my yard this weekend with my lawn tractor I evidently hit a bump and it caused my spreader to click open a few extra notches and I didn’t realize it till I was half way across the yard. Fast forward a few days and now I have a nice burnt dead strip of grass that looks like the yellow brick road running along side my house. Yay!!! I tried to save a few bucks and be money conscious during this economic down turn and I killed my damn lawn. Ugh! I can’t believe how bad it looks but at least I don’t have to worry about mowing for a while. “Always look on the bright side of life!” - Monty Python

The number of deaths went up today to 42 but our overall average is still down. 111 new positive cases were reported so that continues to track downward as well. Overall hospitalized patients were down by 14 although 46 new people were hospitalized. I’m not sure how many of the deaths were hospitalized prior - but assuming all of them were, then that would mean 18 people left the hospital as recovered. That seems like a very grim way of looking at that stat but I don’t know how else to reconcile the numbers. The state is still tracking possible cases as well but that still does not make sense to me given how quickly they are turning around the tests.

From a legislative standpoint today the house passed a billion dollar covid bill designed to maximize federal funds to be released to our communities and will hopefully pave the way for more reimbursements from the feds. It’s on to the Senate but I do not expect there to be much debate there although I am sure that earmarks will be attached. I personally do not think any earmarks should be included in any of these bills and our sole focus should be on making our towns whole so they can pass their budgets and bring back furloughed teachers and firm up other uncertain aspects of our local government. I was chatting with several school administrators today and the uncertainty is the hardest part - if we knew exactly where we were going to end up (or even a range) it would make it so much easier to plan. It is so frustrating having to wait on the federal government to do their piece before we can do ours.

An incredibly disturbing report came out on the handling of the coronavirus at the Holyoke’s soldiers home today. I hope the people who failed these veterans are held accountable. The report was shocking in that it appears that it went well beyond an error in judgement - it was a long term compounding of failures, arrogance, and a lack of competence by the director of the home. It was honestly hard to read and it made me mad that much of this could have been avoided with common sense and hiring the right people. Again, when people think that they want government running their health care I look at things like this and think - well our system may need to be fixed, but putting these bozos in charge is certainly not the solution.

I am sure you are watching the reports nationwide of certain areas being spikes. I am very hopeful that we continue doing what we are doing, using common sense practices of sanitizing, masking, and social distancing to prevent a surge from happening here. I know a lot of people are talking about mask fatigue and it is real - we all hate it - but it is working and it helps keep everyone focused on the fact that this epidemic is still out there. I know it may seem silly but I personally feel that I am more conscientious of social distancing, not touching my face, using sanitizer, etc when I have my mask on. So even if it is only minimally effective - the cumulative positives that arise out of all of us doing our part is huge.

So keep being awesome and have a wonderful Thursday!


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