Representative Dooley June 23rd COVID-19 Update

Another beautiful but hot day! Just by standing outside in the line to vote you could feel the sun really start to bake you. And speaking of the election - contracts to Anita Mecklenburg who joins my beautiful bride CiCi as a member of the Norfolk Select board - which I believe makes it the first time in town history that we have a majority female board leading the lovely village of Norfolk. Very proud of my wife for being a part of that piece of history.

16 additional deaths were reported today - which while incredibly sad and my heart breaks for the families - remains a positive sign that we are continuing to stay well below 50. In addition, only 182 new cases tested positive for the virus. One aspect that remains interesting about the reporting is that these are not unique people as far as I can gather from the documentation as they only track the reporting. So if one person tested positive and then re-tested 10 days later and remained positive, that is two unique results from a reporting standpoint. I have asked for clarification from DPH a couple of times and since the information isn’t forth coming I am confident that is the case.

The RMV announced that if you need your license renewed this summer and you do it on line you will be later allowed to upgrade it to the Real ID for free. Although it appears you have to wait till February if you want to upgrade it - but since the feds aren’t pushing it - one less thing to worry about I suppose. Why it took them so long to come up with this solution and waive the $25 fee is beyond me - I guess just chalk it up to the uber efficiency of the RMV.

On the good news front, the Governor announced today that August 29th and 30th will be the sales tax holiday this year. So, if you are looking on making some tax free purchases and haven’t already headed up to New Hampshire over the past couple of months - you only have 2 more months to wait!

Well, heading to bed early, gotta go to the fire station in the morning and then we have session - and last I saw there were 130 amendments filed so its going to be a long one. I’ll refrain from commenting tonight as I just don’t have it in me for a rant.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to do their part. The more conscientious we are in protecting one another while continuing to live our lives -the easier it will be for more normalcy to take hold.

Stay safe,


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