Representative Dooley June 19th COVID-19 Update

Thank God It’s Friday! Actually I’m still not sure if it is- seriously, I had to check at least 3 times what day it was. I hope I’m not the only one that is still in a state of delirium and every day blends into the next. It is amazing that this has been going on for only 3 months. Some days it feels like this has been going on for years and I don’t remember what life was like before. Ugh.

There were 28 people who passed away in the last 24 hours from the virus. We also saw 152 people diagnosed with the virus out of 7,619 people who were tested. ICU cases dropped to below 200 and intubations are down to 124 - and although overall hospitalizations ticked up slightly - the metrics all have continued the overall downward trend.

Governor Baker announced today that the second half of Phase 2 - so basically the 4th phase is you count 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b- will begin on Monday. This means that indoor dining will be allowed with a maximum of 6 to a table and tables must be at least 6 feet away from each other. But still no sitting / drinking at a bar even if you are 6 feet away from the other patrons. Also, close-contact personal services, like nail salons, appointment only personal training, tattoos, and hair removal services will be allowed to reopen. It also means that offices, which were previously capped at 20% capacity, can now have up to 50% of their employees in the office and retailers can allow customers to use fitting rooms by appointment.

The bad news is that the Governor also stated that he is going to be delaying Phase 3 as he waits for more data on how indoor dining pans out. This is incredibly unfair to all these businesses that have been counting on the Governor’s schedule that Phase 3 would begin on June 29th such as gyms, casinos, museums and other businesses. What exactly indoor dining has to do with museums leaves me at a bit of a loss. Once again we have a promise from our government that if we do everything correctly and that all the metrics continue to go down that we would have 3 weeks between each phase. Now without any facts, data, or information to the contrary -these businesses are have their plans kicked to the curb because of a lack of analysis on indoor seating. The fact that our neighboring states have been doing this for weeks with no ill effects - one would think we could use gain some insight from their success. The fact that our Governor is more than happy to join with our neighboring states when it meets his agenda makes it even more curious and disappointing.

Again, I understand he is trying to do what he thinks is best and wants reams of analysis - but it just feels completely subjective and sends the wrong message to the people of the state. When the people lose faith in their government and its leaders, they begin to rebel and our society begins to crumble. That just worries me - there is already so much uncertainty, lack of respect, and anger toward our government- when it is very deliberate and in our face - no matter how well intentioned, it erodes the very basis of our trust.

Hopefully this decision will be revisited and we will get back on track. In the meantime, I am happy that at least we continue to be moving forward.

I hope everyone has a great father’s day weekend. Spend the time getting out and enjoying our world. Continue to do what you can to stay healthy and protect one another - especially those that are compromised and susceptible to this disease.


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