Representative Dooley June 18th COVID-19 Update

Not much went on in my world today - which was kind of weird. For the past three months every day I was going 90 mph from the second I woke up until I went to sleep. Not that there was nothing, but more pre-covid normal and that just felt off. I’m not complaining - and candidly I do love being able to help so many people but it was also nice getting all of my calls and emails done before dinner! I guess its the little things in life - gotta stop and smell the roses.

Unfortunately, there were 23 new deaths reported today and 199 newly confirmed positive cases. Once again all the other quantifiable measurements that the state tracks continue to go down.

On a national front we had two Dr. Fauci’s reporting. First, good Dr. Fauci said in an interview Thursday that the U.S. does not need any kind of return to widespread lockdowns to contain the coronavirus.”I don’t think we’re going to be talking about going back to lockdown,” he said. “I think we’re going to be talking about trying to better control those areas of the country that seem to be having a surge of cases.”

Then his evil twin got drunk and said that he didn’t think football would be back for the 2020 season. “Unless players are essentially in a bubble -- insulated from the community and they are tested nearly every day -- it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall. If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football may not happen this year.” Man, the lengths some people will do to prevent the world from seeing Tom Brady play for the Bucs.

Kudos to the brave Yarmouth Select Board for taking a stand in favor of their local businesses as they voted to open up the town so businesses can open in anyway they feel is safe with no interference from the town. Of course, they added the caveat that if Baker sent down his goons to rough them up the town couldn’t protect them - but at least that would give them a fighting chance. This was then followed up by the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates asking local legislators to work to “reverse the unfettered power being exercised by the executive branch of our state government and that Cape residents have been deprived of property and liberty.” BRAVO! Slow clap progressing into a thunderous standing ovation. I hope this is a trend and local community leaders statewide have the courage to follow suit before our entire economy goes the way of the Titanic.

Well, off to bed. Tomorrow is another day and its going to be a hot one. Make sure you hydrate in addition to social distancing and washing your hands.

Stay safe,


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