Representative Dooley June 17th COVID-19 Update

Just got back from visiting my 2nd Lieutenant down in Newport with the kiddos while CiCi held down the fort with on line court hearings and meetings, all while running a few loads of laundry and keeping the dogs out of trouble. Newport was awesome, beautiful weather, amazing dinner on the waterfront, just nice to wander around with all four kids without having any sense of urgency. Even took a drive out to see the mansions - which was enlightening as all my kids told me which ones they were going to buy when they hit it rich and, to their credit, they each offered to buy me one as well. So, see you later Massachusetts - I’ll be moving into my Newport estate any day now. It was very cute, especially when Jack told Caroline that since she was a Marine he would hire her to do his personal security when he is rich and famous - nice to see sibling rivalry never goes away.

Very quiet day on the Covid front today which I suppose is a good thing. Unfortunately 60 folks passed away in the past 24 hours and 180 new people tested positive for the disease. Hospitalizations dropped to 998 - which is the first time we have had under 1,000 beds occupied since they started reporting this statistic. All the other metrics continued down as well. Keep getting closer!

No real news out of the Governor today about the second half of phase 2 so I’m hoping he will say something about that tomorrow. It is so frustrating for so many people. I can’t begin to express the heart wrenching phone calls I receive every day from business owners begging for some help, guidance, or at least some assurances that the 3rd phase will start in a few days - and I have to tell them I don’t know. It is so upsetting - I can hear their desperation, I listen to the angst in their voice, I can feel how scared they are - and they are mad. The fact that they have done everything right, employed people, paid taxes and fees, checked all the boxes of what it means to succeed in America, and they feel their government is letting them down. A government they have supported - and worse, a governor that they supported does not seem to care about what happens to them and their families. They understood about flattening the curve, all of us doing our part for the greater good, and now they watch as the government indiscriminately makes proclamations that are destroying them while their competitors in neighboring states or worse - the big box store in their town is allowed to thrive. They watch as the amazon van pulls up to their neighbor’s house delivering items that they would have normally purchased from their shop. All with so much uncertainty - maybe, some day, maybe next week, maybe if there isn’t a spike from the protests, maybe they will survive but maybe they won’t. And I can do nothing but tell them I’m trying everything I can - and that just isn’t good enough which makes me angry.

Well, tomorrow is another day. Be awesome to each other and do your best to continue to use common sense to fight this disease. We need each other more than ever and we can’t let our guard down. It is not going to be easy but we have to keep the faith - because without each other we will not overcome.

Thanks for listening. I do have faith that we will get through this - I just hate that some of us won’t and I hate more the fact that we could be doing more to help these folks and we aren’t.

Good night,


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