Representative Dooley June 16th COVID-19 Update

Another beautiful day. Huge shout out to the Wrentham Elementary Schools, Dr. Cameron, Principal Martes, all the teachers, and especially the 6th grade graduates for including me in their special day. It was extremely well done and some of the car decorating was totally over the top. Lots of great school spirit - on to middle school!

Not to diminish the very sad reality that people are still dying from this disease, but only 18 people passed away during the past 24 hours due in part to COVID-19 is an extremely encouraging sign. Further, only 140 new positives out of 6,361 tests or just 2% were reported today. These are numbers we haven’t seen since March. Keep up the great work.

The Massachusetts office of labor and workforce development today announced that the state unemployment reserves will be billions of dollars in the red well into 2024. This will result in employers having to pay increased unemployment rates to cover this shortfall - and these increases are being estimated as high as 65%. This is another reason why the Governor needs to allow businesses more flexibility in reopening so that people can get back to work and this massive hole doesn’t continue to grow. It is going to be hard enough for small businesses to survive under Baker’s “new normal” - but to add this additional cost on to these struggling businesses will just push more of them into bankruptcy. This is so frustrating as many of these businesses should have been allowed to reopen weeks ago.

The State Senate passed to early voting act that we passed in the House a couple of weeks ago. It pretty much mirrors the house bill and creates expanded early voting (including weekends) and mail in early voting (exactly the same as absentee except you don’t need to be out of town on election day). Of course there is still regular in person election day voting and traditional absentee ballots available. This will be for both the primary and the general election. Everyone will get an application and if you want an early ballot, simply mail it in to the town clerk. I bet my local Town Clerks will be thrilled as these take so much longer to process and have a history of jamming the machines on election day. I feel sorry for them - but welcome to our post Covid world.

Well, not much else to report tonight. Early to bed (well, that’s the plan although I still have about 70 emails and messages to reply to). But at least I got today’s post done on the actual day I started to write it.

Keep the faith and thank you for all the support. 82 and sunny tomorrow - might try and sneak off to Newport to see my Marine in the afternoon.

Stay safe!


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