Representative Dooley June 15th COVID-19 Update

Somewhat melancholy day as my youngest, William, officially graduated from the Freeman Kennedy School. I’ve spent so much of my last 10 years at this and HOD I must admit I am sad that it is over. I was school committee chair and on the building committee of Freeman Kennedy - heck I even remember working with Thomas Doyle coming up with a compromise name that held onto the history (Freeman) and honored a hero (Kennedy). It seems like yesterday that I was the emcee of the ground breaking and then a year later the grand opening /ribbon cutting of FK! Emma was in the first class that went all 4 years at the school and Jack was there right behind her. I loved doing lunch duty for each class every month and being able to sneak a peak at my other guys while I was there. I love that school and well as HOD - so many great memories there as well from the Halloween parade to the memory show to coming to the State House to sing. Everything that makes Norfolk special is embodied by these two little special schools and I am sad that my kids are now beyond that. I’m proud of who they are becoming but damn, I would give anything to be holding their hand walking into school for that first day at H. Olive Day again. Thank you Norfolk for taking such good care of my children and our family.

23 deaths were reported today which is lower than it has been in awhile. More significantly was that total number of new confirmed cases was only 58, I can’t remember how long it has been since that number was that low. I know, it’s Monday and reporting gets all wonky over the weekend, but it is still extremely good news. All the other numbers that we measure to track the virus continued their downward trend.

Governor Baker once again sidestepped any leadership on what comes next on opening up the economy. He said he would probably announce his thoughts on part two of phase two maybe (really, maybe?) later in the week. OMG - is it any wonder why the public hates politicians? Give a damn answer, have some “you know whats” and step up and give us some real information. We have gone above and beyond on everything you have asked us to do and we have seen amazing results. The small business owners of this state (you know, the people that actually voted for you) deserve the chance to compete, not be dicked around and given some vague promise so you get another headline on a slow news cycle. Oh, you are going to wait till 2/3 of the way through phase two to add in the other half so by the time it is an actual reality we are in phase three? Utter and complete nonsense.

The Governor announced today that this Wednesday and Thursday he is going to be creating 50 new “pop up” testing sites for “individuals who have recently participated in large gatherings” I assume he must mean for the folks that went to the Lt. Governor’s graduation party. And since these are “free” that must mean Charlie is going to take a few million out of his personal savings and pay for it - right? oh wait a minute…ugh!

I’ll be at the Wrentham 6th grade promotion ceremony in the morning so if you are driving through please give me a beep and a wave. I will be in spirit at the Plainville one but Plainville Fire will be there showing our support. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for being the very best friends a guy could hope for. It really means more than you know.



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