Representative Dooley June 14th COVID-19 Update

Another beautiful day! I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy it. For the first time since I was in college I slept till noon. Not sure why, but CiCi said I was dead to the world so figured I needed the sleep, kept the shades drawn, and the kids quiet. Wow, that felt weird. Usually 5 hours is all I need - guess I’m still getting caught up from whatever non covidian thing I had last week. Rest of the day was great although I didn’t get to get as much done as I had planned - funny how sleeping half the day away will do that to you.

And as an aside on my last nights post - a couple of people asked if I meant them because they often disagree with me. Absolutely not - I love debating and hearing different view points - that’s how we are supposed to be and how people learn from one another. I was purely meaning people who were deliberately being obtuse or had an agenda or who believe that every one that doesn’t agree with them is Hitler. Fortunately it is rare, but I had gotten a few of those lately so I figured I would mention it sooner rather than later. Hope that makes sense.

Today did see 47 new deaths reported and an additional 206 new cases. Ratios consistently continuing to go down on every metric that the state measures. For instance the rolling 3 day average for deaths with a covid factor has decreased by 78% over the last month. Hospitalizations are down to 1,039 - I’m hoping tomorrow we will be back in the hundreds!

Worldwide we have reached 8 million total confirmed cases and out of that 435,446 people have passed away. Which means that the death rate of those who have been confirmed positive is a little over 5% which is about what we have experienced here in the United States. While some countries such as Mexico 11.7% and the United Kingdom 14% are much higher whereas places like Israel 1.5% and Russia 1.3% are much lower. I’m sure there are numerous factors to explain the wide range across the board including reporting biases and testing quality as well as the shear number of tests conducted. Just thought it was interesting to point out that there is so much we still do not know about this virus and there is no such thing as being 100% absolute in the reporting. So while I and many others get frustrated by the pace of this return to normal - I do have to appreciate that many facts are still unknown. Not backing off my push, just giving a nod to the reality that I know and appreciate the opposing viewpoint’s reasoning.

Well, not much news to report today and the week ahead looks awesome. You have 7 days to get your father a father’s day gift, card, etc - so quit procrastinating. And quarantine is no excuse - I don’t care if you have to go old school and make your dad a coupon book good for hugs, chores, etc - get cracking. Moms out there - get your kids digging through the attic to come up with creative gifts, making cards, planning breakfast in bed - whatever you can think of to make fathers day special. Yes, I’m biased - and yes I’m doing this selfishly - but to be honest, fathers have come a long way from the leave it to beaver model and I think now more than ever we need to appreciate that evolution and celebrate dad like we do mom on mother’s day. We have the time this year, let's pull out all the stops and let dad know how much he means to all of us. Hope this resonates in the way I wanted it to and it makes sense. But I am blessed to have an amazing dad who was an awesome role model and is still there for me when I need him and I think it is important that we let our dads know how special they are and encourage more men to be awesome fathers - it is so important.

And I saw this meme and it resonated with me today. Remember to be kind to one another - because we are all going through things right now, lots of different stressors, moving parts, many things out of our control and while we are all in “this” together -it doesn’t mean we are all experiencing the same “this” or it is affecting us in the same way. Just take a moment and if you can’t be kind or helpful, maybe just go with the assumption that they are doing the best they can - what’s the worse that can happen - you don’t end up engaging with an asshole? Seems like a win to me either way.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and I hope we are all ready to take on the week and be the very best we can be. Let’s get out there and make some goals and crush them, and if we fail we get up, dust the dirt off, and try again. There is no one stopping us but ourselves and we hold our destiny in our hands so let’s make it awesome. As Bill Belichick would say - We are on to Monday!

Stay safe, stay strong, and be awesome.


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