Representative Dooley June 13th COVID-19 Update

Happy Saturday! What an awesome day, did some yard work, worked on stairs to back patio with my boy, played a wiffle ball tournament with the fam, and took the 55 Chevy out to get ice cream for dinner. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Every few months I have to do this disclaimer: this is my Facebook page - there is no such thing as a state owned or official government Facebook page, as in : this is my personal page. I post on here to share my thoughts regarding a wide variety of things including stuff about my family, my job, opinions about world events, and a whole host of other things. I started writing this nightly blog because there was so much false information and spin out there and I felt it was important to share what I knew and a lot of people really seemed to like it so I kept on doing it.

So, for what it is worth, if you do not believe that I should express my opinion on my Facebook page - sorry (not really). If you are a troll or some pseudo intellectual superior savant and you are going to come on my page to shame me or show me how much more superior you are than me - congratulations, you win. And if you don’t like me or my opinions or think as a state rep I shouldn’t be allowed to share my opinion unless it has been blessed by the PC police- please just skip my posts; I really don’t have the time or the patience to respond to your scolding and I’m not going to change. I will never write what is politically expedient or simply what the masses want to hear. I think that is needed more these days, not just in politics but in our day to day discourse.

And as crazy as it sounds, I’ve been blessed that a ton of people enjoy my page and I have developed a readership greater than some local news outlets (weird, I know). So sometimes my rants and comments are just that, more often than not they are more of a public letter to some of our leaders in which I am using this forum to amplify my position and more importantly show that this opinion is not mine alone and your comments provide added weight. And it has moved the dial - twice my pushing and prodding has resulted in a shift in what the administration put out. So yes, it is a silly little Facebook page, but it is my silly little Facebook page and in reality, we have formed a pretty awesome little community that I love being a part of - and without your comments, shares, and engagement it would not be worthwhile - so thank you for making this more that just the ramblings of a madman.

38 deaths were reported today and 259 new positive cases. The seven day weighted average of test to positives has dropped to 3.1% which is a decrease of 89% in the past month. Further, hospitalizations have dropped to 1,157 which is a 68% drop in the past month as well. Lower, lower, lower!

Lots of new info coming out of the RMV

New appointment capacity at service centers

Learner's permit tests begin on line within 60 days after completing their appointment in service center. Originally only open for teenagers turning 16 between March and June.

Road tests resume this week and priority will be given for those who had an appointment in March, April, or May cancelled. The RMV should be calling you to reschedule.

Teenagers turning 16 between March 1 and June 30 may be able to apply for a “Supervised Driving Receipt” (SDR) that will be good for 90 days and allows you to practice driving and register for a driver’s training course. This is prior to getting a learners permit.

Since Real ID needs to be done in person and the feds gave a one year waiver. If you renew now you can upgrade later to the Real ID for $25.

The 6 hours of observation of another student driver required for junior drivers can now be completed by the parents who now will do a total of 46 hours of their child.

Grace period for registering a vehicle for purchase has been extended from 7 to 21 days.

As a social experiment and to work in current events I have decided that the 2nd floor of my house is now a series of autonomous zones / lord of the flies island. We have JAZ, WAZ, and the Kingdom of Emma. CiCi and I have been battling for control since the quarantine has started and they finally broke us. They have posted guards, built a wall, and have elected one of the dogs as the spokesperson for all of their demands. I’m just kidding, my kids are awesome although from time to time I feel that I have lost all control. Hopefully I’m not the only one.

Tomorrow is looking like another special day and I’m very excited. Even have a meeting with the other coaches to discuss football, the team, and our plans for the season. I’m so excited to see these guys (6 feet a part and all) and discuss football. It has been so long. Did I mention its football? LOL

Well, I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the weather and playing with their kids, spouses, dogs, whatever. It is so much easier to deal with this with the restrictions relaxed a little and we’ve gotten into the swing of things. Hopefully Phase 2 Part Deux gets announced at the beginning of the week although I know a ton of businesses included in it have already opened and decided close enough for government work. Good for them!

Keep doing what you can, use common sense, and wear your mask! I took a picture of some of the best homemade masks I have seen!

Happy Sunday! Smile, enjoy, and may God Bless you!


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