Representative Dooley June 11th COVID-19 Update

In substantially less than the 48 hours estimated - CVS and Quest Diagnostics got my results back to me and I tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19! Phew. It’s funny, late at night so many thoughts go through your head, does my chest feel tight, is my throat scratchy, do I need to cough, ok, I’ll see how long I can hold my breath… you know, your usual bedtime ritual. While I was pretty sure it was negative, I was very happy to see the lab results nevertheless.

There were unfortunately 37 new fatalities reported over the past 24 hours that have ties to corona. But again the new case count remained low at 354 total positives out of 10,833 tests (yea, I'm part of a statistic). So again just a 3% test to positive ratio. Hospitalizations, ICU beds, and ventilator use all saw significant drops as well as we get closer and closer to March numbers. Wow, just saying that it seems like a lifetime ago when this all started.

Warning, please stop reading here if you were just coming for my daily lighthearted narration - tonight is a bit of a political rant - born out of frustration and maybe even bordering on anger with a dash of conspiracy thrown in. I say this as I know a couple folks mentioned to me that I haven’t been as fun and as positive as I have been in the past - but I write what is on my mind and in my heart. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I don’t have much of a filter - and I don’t spin or tell you just what you want to hear. I personally think we need more of that in politics - but maybe that is just my personal bias. But do not get me wrong, my optimism and faith in the people in Massachusetts to rise above all of our challenges and thrive is stronger than ever. But we have to be given the opportunity to live up to our potential or we should take it.

In case you missed it: The Governor announced that in person school will be back in session this fall and “We are all going to work our tail off in the summer to make sure that when school reopens in the fall, it is safe,” The Education Commissioner agreed adding, “Come August 31st, we’re going to be ready.”

The Governor reached out to students, parents, and teachers saying, “We’re going to make it right for you and safe for you. There’s no substitute for in-person learning.” The Governor went on to say that having schools open will also get more parents back to work, noting that it will help the economy. But the ultimate goal is to rebuild the public education system and keep everyone healthy. “We owe it to our children that there should be no disruption to their learning.”

Finally, some real leadership!!! Only problem is that this is all from the Governor of Rhode Island. How are we again getting our asses kicked by freakin Rhode Island? Bad enough their stores and restaurants were filled with Massachusetts residents for the past few weeks while our small business owners withered on the vine. But now they are leading on education and prioritizing the mental and physical well being of their children. Really? Rhode Island has stronger leaders more willing to “work their tail off” to make it work??? Not hiding behind a plan that covers their asses, but leading and setting a bold goal and being determined to make it succeed.

Sorry if I got you excited thinking our government was actually listening to the people. But we must do something to make sure our voices are heard and I’m working on figuring out what is our best course of action. They seem to respond well to threats and a willingness to prostrate to the masses if they fear their power is in jeopardy - so we need to figure out the best way to make sure they know that we are not going to succumb. 50,000 people signed onto a petition designed to push back against the nonsensical guidelines from the state on the website and surprisingly it was shut down for not meeting their standards. This is the enemy that we face - they are nameless, faceless and have more power than we know. I am really starting to question what’s the end game for some of these people - but it does not appear to be in our best interest.

Now I’m not saying we should throw caution to the wind and open everything up. But we need to be more deliberate in our mindset and work for a solution to succeed. To set ourselves in an overly defensive position is not a strategy that lends itself to an ability to pivot for whatever tomorrow may bring and certainly not what is in the best interest for the future of our Commonwealth.

Well, ok sorry for the rant and the angst. I promise I will be more upbeat tomorrow tonight. We just need leaders to lead our state right now and not cower in fear. We need the people to find their voice on a whole host of issues and not to blindly trust those who do not deserve it. We are the people of Massachusetts, descendants of those who founded this great nation, forged out of the belief that liberty and equality are the God given right for all people, willing to fight for what is right even with great personal sacrifice; we shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.

Stay safe and stay strong,


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