Representative Dooley June 10th COVID-19 Update

OK- quick one tonight - getting a late start as I just watched JoJo Rabbit with the family - incredible movie - lovely and completely surprising. It made for some good conversations with the kids about racism, blindly following the crowd, fear of those that are different, etc that resonated well with many of the conversations that we have had with the kiddos about many of the things going on in the world right now. It is a bit quirky and not totally child friendly (so maybe I’m a bad parent) but I would highly recommend it.

Huge thank you for everyone who reached out to see how I was doing and if the test came back yet (nope, not yet) - it meant a lot. Even the Gov texted me to see how I was doing which I thought was pretty cute. I’m sure he will be thrilled to see that I am writing that I thought what he did was cute. But oh well, he is getting the crap beat out of him on many things these days (mostly by me) so I bet he doesn’t mind.

45 new deaths were reported today and we broke the 100,000 positive test result mark (yea?!?!?!) with another 203 new confirmed cases. Last week Massachusetts had active cases of 12,844 and this week that is down to 8,237 - a drop of 4, 607 in just one week. Dude, do you know how huge a 36% drop in cases is in one week is? That’s not flattening the curve, that’s kicking its ass. Todays ratio was at 3% test to positive but more importantly the 7 day average ratio was 4.2% (down from 6.3% last week at this time). This is also huge as this is one of the Governor’s key metrics he uses in deciding which businesses gets to attempt to survive. (Welp, the cuteness just went away - it was nice while it lasted).

Also, I heard from a lot of parents on my school opening post - pretty much everyone but one person was in agreement that these guidelines are coo coo for coco puffs. But there is a sea change coming and I think that the Administration is going to hear from a lot of parents if they try to do this to our kids. 10 per classroom from 9-3 and then they can all hang out together and roll around, play tag, ride bikes, share food, you know - be kids. I’m quite sure that if these bureaucrats ever had kids they were the “kids should be seen and not heard” kind of parents and have no relationship to the rest of us who live in the real world. Or even Target - where at the freaking peak of the surge - hundreds of people were allowed to congregate without masks on and that wasn’t an issue and was actually allowed by this very same government. Anyone get the feeling that they really have no clue and are using a ouija board or magic 8 ball to come up with some of these policies? Pssst - DESE Commissioner “Charles Nelson” Riley - you can screw with us but when you start messing with our kids and their mental and physical well being - the gloves are coming off. (My wife is laughing at me saying no one is going to get the Charles Nelson Riley reference - I don’t care, it made me giggle so Im leaving it in).

And my positive news today is that my mom turned 80! Not the 80th birthday party we had planned but thank God for FaceTime and zoom so we could have a little party and at least see her smiling face and tell her how much we love her. Happy Birthday Nancy Jo Clifford Dooley!

Born in Springfield, MA to a young German girl (Edith) and a handsome Irishman (Martin) she was the youngest of three girls. Unfortunately, her father would die when she was only 8 years old so her mother got a job as a hostess at a local German restaurant and made due the best she could. A dozen or so years later her mom would marry a wonderful man who happened to have a son about her age. As luck would have it - my mom and her folks went down to visit her step brother’s ship while it was in New York for the 1964 world’s fair where he introduced her to his cabin mate, Roy Dooley, and the rest is history. Fast forward a couple of years and my mom, all alone in a Naval hospital while my dad was fighting guerrillas in Panama, (probably fighting more with pina coladas - but the rebels make for a better story) gave birth to me. And from then on out is was the two of us, inseparable. I literally was her world 24/7 (must have driven my dad nuts) and a few years later my sister Shannon would join the crew and I reluctantly let her share my perfect mother. (Just kidding, I was beyond thrilled to have my little sister.) Much of my childhood she was a single mom as my dad was out to sea and had to be the disciplinarian and the nurturing one. Somehow she managed everything seamlessly and I couldn’t leave the house un-ironed even to mow the lawn. She was there for my toughest times and never judged (well at least not in the moment). I never for a second doubted that she had my back no matter what. Throughout the years she has always been there for me, and for my kids. I am truly blessed that I get to chat with her every day. She is my rock and she made me the man I am today - everything I am I owe to her and I can’t imagine life without her. I hope I am half the parent that she has been. I am truly blessed. Happy Birthday Mom - I love you - you are the best!

And now I’m crying and wishing this damn disease wasn’t around so I could give her a proper birthday hug. But then I realize how selfish I am - as so many people have lost their mothers and fathers to this horrible virus and I thank God that she is healthy, happy, and only a phone call away.

Thanks for listening and for all the well wishes and prayers. I couldn’t do this without you.

Thank you,


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